Unicycle Hanger - Made From an Old Saddle




Introduction: Unicycle Hanger - Made From an Old Saddle

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We live in a flat/apartment so space is tight (especially when your a seven bike family - don't ask)

While making a custom saddle for the wife's newly pimped trike I noticed an interesting feature of the saddles sprung bracket - as you see from the picture.

So I dug out a spare - and now we can store our uni's --- well - - up. The funniest place we tried  is in the coat cupboard, coat, coat, scarf, coat, unicycle, coat - - - - huh! whazzat!.

I am sure you will find your own storage area, be it wall or roof etc.

Step 1: Ok

Only tool I really used was a spanner to undo the sprung bracket from the saddle - if yours is riveted on then a drill will be a must.

Your gonna need the kind of bracket with springs - no probs though as a lot of old bikes have that kind.

Step 2: Get

Take a couple of hooks - we had a few IKEA ones knocking around and they worked perfect for us.

Step 3: Assemble and Hang

Link the two hooks - hook them onto the hanger and affix to your fave spot - drop your uni over the springs (this worked so well I could not believe)

Our hanging area is on a storage cupboard that has all of the Christmas stuff in it and odds n sods, the second hook fits perfectly into the slot between the door and the frame, we could hang two small unis here if we wanted with no drilling required.

Keep well - be tidy and enjoy.

See ya

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    2 years ago

    Genius, I've been needing a place to keep my uni in my small room. This is really cool thank you