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I made this Unikitty costume with my 8-year-old daughter for Halloween, she did most of the painting and I helped with the rest. I have attached the silhouette studio file for the eyes and the eyelashes


  • 1 Wire led light or Fairy light ( any color you like)
  • Pencil
  • glue gun or any adhesive
  • painter tape
  • Clear tape
  • bicycle healment
  • 2 cardboard boxes, your sizes
  • floral foam shape as a cone
  • Foam block for ears
  • Insulation foam board
  • Box cutter
  • Paintbrushes or roller
  • black vinyl (Optional)
  • Paints color or choose your own
  • Pink, Blue, Dark Gray, White, and Yellow

Step 1: Body

with the pencil trace out for each arm out, head and body.

cut out a hole on top for the head

cut out holes on both sides for the arms out.

and cut out holes and both side for the body

Step 2: Fill Out the Empty Gaps

use the extra cut out cardboard and fill the gap and you can see in the picture, tape it up with clear tape or hot glue gun

Step 3: Paint Body

pain away with the color of your choice, I use two coats of pink due to the cardboard soak a lot of paint

do two strips of painter tape on the bottom.

paint of your choice of color for bottom strip colors

Step 4: Head

use the floral box and cut them cut in diagonally

glue them in each corner as ears

on the bottom glue the bike helmet

make a cutout to hit your own head and tape or glue the rest

Step 5: Paint Head

I freestyle drew the face outline

I made a cutout for the mouth and that will be where you can see as well

paint and i use vinyl for the eyes you can use black paint if you don't have a vinyl cutter

Step 6: Tail

i freestyle as well for the tail I look at a reference on a unikitty foto on google

I use a sand block 80 grid to smooth everything up

glue the tail up

Step 7: You're Done

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