Introduction: Uninstall U3 "Smart Drive" Software

This instrutable will show how to uninstall the pre-installed U3 "Smart Drive" software included on some flash drives, such as my new 8GB San Disk Micro Cruzer, though it can be found on other drives

The only reason this instructable was made is because, uninstalling this "software" is not as cut and dry as any rational person would think it should be.

My major annoyance with U3 is the fact that it mounts itself, waits too long and mounts the drive containing the actual files I inserted the drive to access. Though the lack of usability and free software didn't slow down the decision making process.

Step 1: What to Do

I have found the uninstall button in the software doesn't do a thing, so; (skip to 4, for app link)
1. Google search "U3 uninstall", and click on the first link (in purple), or click here for the direct link.
2. Click on the "Remove Launchpad" link, found at the bottom of the page
3. Click "Submit and Continue"
4. Click "Download the Uninstall Application", also available here
5. Download the Uninstall Application and Open it
6. Click "Run" on the prompt, Vista only
7. Wait for the software to Locate your Device
8. Click the radio button next to "Accept" and click the "Next" button
9. Click the checkbox and the "Next" button
10. Wait for the software to uninstall itself
11. Remove and re-insert your device, and click the "Done" button to close the uninstall application

That's it enjoy not having to wait for the U3 software to load and mounting itself before the drive