Introduction: Unique Hand Made Pen/Pencil Pouch

I'm a day care mom...and was introduced to this site by my niece. I've surfed  for projects for my children doing so have now got addicted to this site!

This is my first instructable please be kind with your comments :-D

This is a unique hand made pencil pouch with multi coloured striped material.
I'm sure that most mothers would love to sew a special Pen/pencil pouch like this for their kids,as it is very handy and compact.
Not only for the kids,ideal for adults too.
It's very easy to choose the colours as it is well organized

Step 1: Materials Needed

Striped Material
Measuring Tape
Sewing Scissor
Crotchet thread (option)
Sewing machine

A)  Is a thick  cotton sheeting material which looks the same on both sides.
B)  Is also a sheeting material where the wrong side is visible.
c)  Is a Jersey material.

I have used the left over materials from my curtains and a dress.There for material A is a bit too short in height.

Step 2: Variation 1

The length of the material can be of any size according to how many pockets you want to have.Each pocket will hold a Pen /Pencil
This material can carry 24 Pens/ pencils as there are 24 coloured stripes.
Take 55cm in height..I have used  a left over thick sheeting cotton material  piece of  51cm ,which looks the same on both sides.

Pic 1 :This is the easiest method. First sew 2cm  hem at the bottom of the material.

Pic 2 : Fold upwards 11cm and Alain with   the coloured stripes equally.

Pic 3 : Now stitch the pockets by sewing from X to O downwards on the middle of the white lines until the end of the material. Start with double stitch and end with a double stitch ,so that the thread does not come out at the start and end.

Pic 4  : Sewing the pockets

Pic 5 : Fold the material exactly from  the middle,over the sewn pockets.

Pic 6: Sew on all three sides ,leaving about 5-8cm space on the right side to turn inside out and to insert the ribbon.

Pic 7 :This is how it looks when turned inside out.

Pic 8: Fold  the middle of 1meter white ribbon in to two  and insert  the middle of the ribbon  on the right side of the opening.

Pic 8:  Ribbon attached.....The next steps will be followed up with variation 2 & 3 at the end...

Step 3: Variation 2 & 3

Variation 2 & 3 are the same.

This is the jersey material C.Which is a bit difficult to Alain the stripes because the material is slippery.There for I advice every one to use soft cotton material which is very nice and compact. If you are using the jersey material sure to first iron on fusing so it would be easier to handle.

As I mentioned in   Variation 1 ,length can be of any size.This will carry 21 pencils.Height of this material is 70cm.
Fold the material exactly in to two and stitch the  three sides,Leaving about 10 cm  on the right side   in the middle marked  'D' to turn the material inside out  and to insert the ribbon.

Step 4:

Material C turned inside out.
Material B is also the same way ,but I have used a thin plain coloured  material on one side,with out doubling the sheeting,which is too thick.

This is how it looks once you turn in side out .
Arrow mark indicates the opening on the right side.

Step 5:

Now press iron all seams on both sides.

Step 6:

As prescribed in variation 1  fold 11cm  upwards.
On the Jersey material  ' C' make sure that the coloured stripes meet equally.

Step 7:

Same as variation 1 (Pic 3)sew the pockets by sewing from X to O downwards on the middle of the white lines until the end of the material. Start with double stitch and end with a double stitch ,so that the thread does not come out.

Step 8:

Sewing the Pockets
Note .....all coloured stripes meet up equally when folded.

Step 9:

Fold  the middle of 1meter white/pink  ribbons  in to two  and insert the middle of the ribbon   on the right side of the pouch  where the opening shows,and sew the  seam,as well as  sew a top stitch on top and bottom length wise.
Now cut the ribbon ends in to a V shape ,so that the ribbon ends does not come out.

Step 10:

This is an option.....If you want  to add high light to your pouch  sew a simple blanket stitch to the borders. You could also add some machine embroidery , a child's name...and so on.

The blanket stitch  particularly  well suited to working borders.
made of open parallel loops,it effectively maintains the threads of fabrics borders and prevents fraying.

Step 11:


Step 12:

Wow.... it look gorgeous....

Insert the Pens/Pencils....Ooops I am short of two pens :)

Step 13:

Roll them up

Note : When you sharpen pencils and they become short...don't insert the pencils right in as it would be difficult to see the colors and also to remove them. Therefore insert it in a way so that you may be able to freely remove it from it's pocket.

That's it! thanks for reading

Step 14:

Don't you think it's cute and a lovely  present  for  a kid?

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