Introduction: Unique Homemade Ring

In this instructable i want to show you how to create a unique and original ring for next to nothing. This was made from items found in my garage. I got the Idea for this when i was in my garage splicing two pieces of wire for an electronics project when i thought that it would look good as a piece of jewelry. I built this alone apart from the suporvision from my father while soldering. This project was built in my garage and has taught me to use tools with an alturnate use and to recycle scrap found around my garage.  

Step 1: What You Will Need

A Drill
Thick Stranded Wire
A Vice
Wire Cutters
A Hammer
An Anvil or Thick flat piece of metal

Step 2: Cutting and Preparing the Wire

Cut a piece of wire to about a length of around 10 inches and stripping it completly and exposing the bare copper. I found that the easiest way to do this is cutting a slit in the insulation sucuring the copper in the vice and using the pliers to pull the insulation down. 

Step 3: Separating and Twisting the Wire

Once you have striped the wire , separate the six strands of wire and take three of them out then put them back into the vice. Take the free end and put it into the end of the drill like a drill bit. Turn the drill on and wait till the length of the wire in completly coiled, then remove the strand from both devices. 

Step 4: Flatten and Cut the Strand

Place the strand on the avril or alike object and hammer the about 2 inches of the strand flat. Then cut the 2 inch piece off the rest off the strand.

Step 5: Shaping

In order to shape the strand into a ring you can pull the strand around an olive from a 15mm pipe fitting which was perfect but you can use what ever fits best. After shaping the ring off cut the excess so it is a perfect band with a cut in it.  

Step 6: Joining the Ends

Using the blow torch heat up the solder and join the two ends thus forming a ring.

Step 7: The Final Product

You can polish the ring with some wire wool. To stop the copper turning green all you need is the ring and some nail varnish as well as a pair of pliers.Simply hold the ring in the pliers and coat with a thin layer of varnish both sides of the ring. Let it dry  and you have a ring that won't turn your finger green. I used colourless varnish but your can use  any colour  it doesn't matter. This give you a unique , personal accessory in you favourite colour.

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