Introduction: Unique Paper Water Bombs

In This Instructable, I will show you how to make unique and cool paper water bombs. All you need is paper and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Preparing the Paper

Follow the steps:
1.Take your computer or craft paper and fold the bottom left flap up to the top.(as seen in the image)
2. Now cut off the part of the paper that is sticking out.(as seen)
3. Now unfold the paper and it should be a square.

Step 2: Making the Paper Water Bomb

Follow the steps:
1.Now fold the paper up and down-left and right as seen in the photo.
2.Now fold the paper by taking the bottom right hand corner and putting it over the top left hand corner.(as seen)
3. Now is the hard part: take the middle section of the first layer of the trangle and fold over to the right side.
4. Next push the left outer flip inward and fold.(AS seen)
5. Now you should have a tringle again.

Step 3: Finishing It

Follow the steps:
1. Now take your triangle and fold both of the flaps to the middle as seen in the photo.
2. Now do that to the other side of the paper.
3. Next take one flap and fold it in to the middle as seen in the image
4. Do that now to all four flaps.
5. Lastly, tuck the top flap into the opening as seen in the picture
6. Do that to all of the four little flaps.

Step 4: Finished!!

follow the steps:
1. Now just blow into the small hole in the paper.
2. Next add water to the opening and your done!!!!!!!!!!!

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