Introduction: Unit 4 Project: Making a Simple Hat

I am making a beanie. Beanies are the easiest hats to make and it is a perfect idea with the time I have to complete the project. To make it based off of historical dress, I decided to make it based off of Victorian floral hats by adding miniature rose accessories around it.


1 roll of yarn

Knitting needles

Tapestry needle



Hand sewing needles

Mini rose accessories

Step 1: Measure Head Size & Create the Base of the Hat

Measure head size using measuring tape. The number of stitches and rows depends on head size. I did 30 stitches and 86 rows. Cast off piece when done.

Step 2: Create the Tube of the Hat

Knit odd rows on the brim of the hat. A tapestry needle or a crochet needle can be used as well besides knitting needles. Be sure to not skip a row. Keep knitting until the end is reached.

Step 3: Finishing Off the Hat

Create the "crown" on the hat. It is the part that gets smaller as it reaches the end of the hat. Start by slip the needle into the second stitch and slide the needle through the loops by skipping a loop every time. Knit around until the end is reached. Pull the yarn tight to decrease the size of the hat tube and tie off. For the rose accessories use matching thread to sew around a loop and thats it!