Introduction: Universal Camera Mount - Bike Reflector

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Using a bike reflector, you can make an awesome camera mount! It is extremely versatile and fits all cameras that use 1/4 screws. It can be mounted on any pole or handle including a bike, ski pole, golf club etc. It is perfect for a waterproof or action camera! You will need:

- Bike Reflector

- 1/4 Screw

- A few washers or nuts

- Spanner

- Screwdriver

Step 1: Removing the Reflector

To remove the reflector, use a spanner to loosen the nut. (Some bike reflectors do not have a screw/nut attachment and are quite difficult to detach. Just get a screwdriver, drive it under the plastic and lift like you are opening a can)

Step 2: Insert the Screw

Simply place the screw through the hole where the reflector just came out of. Attach your camera and then experiment withs nuts or washers until you have a tight fit and your camera is on firmly.

Step 3: Mounting the Camera

Finally, mount your camera by unscrewing the bike reflector and putting it on a range of objects. By using the top screw, you can freely adjust the angle of your camera! Mount up and start filming!

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