Introduction: Universal Drummers

I am very passionate drummer and i love the energy and power a drum kit transmits to the drummers and to anyone listening, so i decided to find a way to make that feeling universal. The purpose of this project is to make a drum kit that is inexpensive but also works similar to a professional drum kit. I found my inspiration from a 7 year old boy named Cesar. Cesar and his family live in my ranch in Mexico and work there for my family, he had told me about how he met a drummer at a wedding once and the drummer from the wedding gave Cesar his drum stick as a gift, Cesar eyes gleamed with joy when he showed me the worn down drum stick and proceded to sow me how he could play to Billie Jean from Michael Jackson. Later that week i talked to Cesar and told him that, just like him, i too was a drummer and I gave him a pair of new drumsticks. Cesars' mom saw me give him the drumsticks and told me that Cesar had been asking for a drum kit for months but the family didn't have enough money to buy a drum set and that Cesar had been drumming on rocks, magazines, old rags and plates, that would break often, so that's when i took matters into my own hands. This drum set was not only a fun challenge for me, but also a special gift for a little boy with a loud future. This drum set will be his Halloween "candy"

Step 1: Buying the Materials

I bough 2 regular slabs of wood about 9 feet tall that cost 23 mexican pesos, a hand full of nails and screws to nail the wood together and nail the buckets in place. And picked up and cleaned tubs of ice cream and metal plates from my own house and my grandmas house that weren't being used anymore.

Step 2:

Step 3:

The second step is to build the base, the legs and the feet of the drum kit. I cut the wood to make a drum set for a small child. Then i made legs to hold the wood up, and added the feet for stability. i also decided to add stands for cymbals.

Step 4:

Lastly i added the buckets by nailing them to the wooden base and the plates on the stands to resemble drums and cymbals. I ended up making a drum pedal and a kick drum just for the challenge of it and i was successful.

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