Introduction: Universal Phone Mount/Adapter for Microscope, Telescope, Binoculars

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Everyone wants take perfect photos of their discovery and perfect moment; but for microscopes, telescopes, binoculars it is not possible because we cannot connect our smartphone correctly to the eyepieces of above device

Above adapter is universal solution for it. it can connected to any devices with eyepiece. above adapter can fitted to any diameter eyepiece and to any smartphone. it is possible due its screw and nut design.

so enjoy!!!

Step 1: Downloading the ".stl " Files

All 3d printable files are available under open source licence in below link

Step 2: 3d Printing the Parts

Parts can be printed with any 3d printer with following settings

Layer Height --- 0.06mm

Shell Thickness --- 0.8mm

Bottom/Top Thickness --- 0.6mm

Fill Density --- 70% Fill

Print Speed --- 50mm/s

Support Type ---- None

Download at below link

Step 3: Assembly

Mount can be assembled and as shown in the image and can be used with any smartphone

Step 4: Results

above are the some of the images taken from my phone connected to microscope and telescope

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