Introduction: Universal Stand

Universal stand.

Children sit at the table and draw! Let's get accustomed to order right away. Universal stand designed for orderly storage of stationery and ease of use. Center tables, children around. Each child spins and takes.

Configurations may vary. You can scale the stand yourself and add a number of compartments.

Instead of cardboard stands, you can take cans, cans, put paints, etc.

Use a spinning base along with your imagination!!!


1) PVC sheet 30x30 cm (or wood, etc.)

2) Glue3) Colored cardboard 3 lsiatA4 (depending on the configuration and the number of sheets depends)

4) The nut and screw are small

5) To stabilize the stand, the balls in the body (you can do without this)

6) Ruler

7) Pencil

8) Silicone sealant (at your discretion)

Step 1: 1. Rotating Base - Prepare Materials

Prepare materials for the base of the stand. Cut out 3 circles from PVC: 5 cm, 10 cm, 20 cm. Make in the middle of the screw hole.

Step 2: 1. Rotating Base - Assemble the Base

Assemble the base: screw + circle 10 cm + stabilizer + circle 5 cm + circle 20 cm + nut.

Step 3: 1. Rotating Base - Add Stability

Turn the base over and apply a silicone gremetik on the circumference of 10 cm to form mini-legs. Quantity: 12 points.

Step 4: 1. Rotating Base - Check It

Turn over and check whether the base is spinning and whether it is stable

Step 5: 2. Center Stand

1. Take sheet A4

2. Mark up 5 vertical stripes: 4 stripes 3 cm wide and 1 strip 4 cm

3. Turn the sheet and draw 6 stripes of 3 cm

4. We draw diagonal lines from the second line to the 3rd line

5. Draw the mirror lines

6. Cut the sheet along the dashed line

7. Cut to the right in the corner

8. Cut corners

9. Cut the stripes along the lines - this will be the bottom

10. Bend in vertical lines inward

11. Bend diagonally

12. Bend mirror

13. Glue the part with glue, as in the diagram and turn it into a tube

14. Fold the bottom strips on top of each other, smearing with glue each

15. Done!

Step 6: 2. Additional Stands

1. Take a cardboard of 195 cm by 120 cm

2. Draw 4 strips of 4 cm

3. Connect the diagonals of the strip

4. Connect the mirror

5. Draw a horizontal line 4 cm high from the bottom edge

6. Cut stripes into lines

7. Bend inwards along the lines vertically and horizontally

8. Bend diagonally

9. Mirror bend

10. Gue the part with glue, as in the diagram and turn it into a tube

11. Fold the bottom strips on top of each other, smearing with glue each

12. Done!

Step 7: Connect

Connect the base to the stands with glue. You may have other coasters (mugs, cans, etc.)

Step 8: ​Done!

Done! Fill the stand. You can fill each stand with a certain color of pencils, it all depends on your imagination.

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