Introduction: Universal Cheap Phone Stand

This a universal phone stand that I made for my working desk and also for my daughter so she can watch videos and dance without the need of holding the phone.
Stand is easy to make and very cheap you might have everything at home.

Let's build...

Step 1: This Is What You Need to Get Started

1 x 4 Pine wood. (I got mine at my local hardware store for free it was on the scrap box.)
Measuring tape
Square Root
Hand saw
Power Drill
3mm & 10mm wood drill bits
3 wood screws
Wood glue
Anti slippery pads
4 Plastic Concrete Expanders (the ones I found are 10mm diameter)

Step 2: Measure Twice and Cut Once

I measure the piece of wood that I have and found out that a 4 inches will be enough.
So I used my hand saw and got 2 pieces of 4 inches each.

Step 3: Sand and Drill Pilot Holes

I sand my 2 pieces of wood and put the together to see how it looks.
For better alignment use a miter saw because making a straight cut with a hand saw is hard if you are un experienced like me.

Step 4: Pilot Holes and Screw Together

I used Pine that is soft wood but I decided to make pilot holes to avoid my wood to split and then screw the 2 pieces together.

Step 5: Measure Your Phone

I marked how and where I wanted my phone to rest in the stand.
I marked two dots quater inch up and half inch from the center. Then I marked two dots one and half inch up and haft into from the borders of the stand.

Step 6: Drill and Glue

I drilled the 4 holes all the way with a 10mm wood drill and then glue the 4 Plastic concrete expanders in each hole.

Step 7: Let Dry and Anti Slippery Caps

Let the wood dry for 20 minutes the hammer the anti slippery caps to bottom of the stand. You can use anti slippery sticky caps but those are the ones that I have in toolbox.

Step 8: Use and Enjoy.

The stand work perfect took me 15 minutes to build, the only waiting is for the glue to dry.
As you see the stand can handle a large phone like a Galaxy S5 and a very small phone like a Galaxy S3 Mini.
I hope you like it and enjoy this fun and easy phone stand. Paint and decorate as required.

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