Universal Mobile Charger




Introduction: Universal Mobile Charger

I made this mobile charger using 4mm MDF board. I already sealed and I was not able to disassemble and show you. I am going to explain how i did this...

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

4mm MDF board

12v 2amp transformer

4*5402 diodes


4700 mfd 25v capacitor

spdt Switch

car USB charger

wood glue

wood nails (if needed)

Heat transfer paper

Iron box

Laser printer..

Step 2: The Design

This is the actual size what I made....(in inches)

Step 3: Circuit..

Step 4: Lettering

I made this lettering in paint shop pro and flipped it horizontal. Print the image on heat transfer paper i.e., flipped. Using Iron box transfer it to the MDF.

Note: Keep the iron box temperature to medium heat , if not you may burn MDF.

Step 5: Last Step

Make the border as you wish so that it looks good...


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    In my circuit input should be 12v. Then you will get 5v output. You can use 5v regulator ic instead of car usb charger by using 6v solar panel rating 2Amps. You can use both solar and AC by using SPDT switch for changeover. For using AC, you have to use eliminator.

    You may use solar panels. Each USB is required at least 500ma. Since you are planning 4 USB ports you need 2Amps. Use 12v 2Amps solar panels (40Watts). May I know what components you changed??

    Thanks for watching....

    Output voltage is 5v. Yes it works for android devices. I am using this for my android mobile for charging.