Introduction: Universal Tablet Holder Design for In-car, Rear-seat Entertainment

There is a lot of exploration around the use of tablets in cars these days. My needs were in the area of rear-seat entertainment. How could I setup my tablet in the car to keep four kids entertained during a long road trip? I looked online for products and I was not convinced. The idea of hanging the tablet between car seats in some kind of a sleeve/holder exists. Here is one example. But I was not going to buy yet another gadget for an occasional need and to meet some fairly simple requirements:

- middle of the car installation for shared rear-seat viewing
- reasonably secure (don't want the tablet to go flying)
- no damage to the device (i.e. no scratches)
- low cost or no cost

I came up with this solution made of left over NM-B electric cable and a nylon strap from an old laptop bag. Connect it to the car audio system, move the sound to the rear, and voilà: happy kids on the road enjoying the show! I am confident that the wire folding technique I describe in the step by step instructions video is universal and will result in a holder which custom fits all tablets with very minimal tweaks. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Step by Step Instructions Video

All the steps with written comments in one video:

Step 2: The Pictures

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