Introduction: Universial Radio IPod Dock

This instructable will show you how to make a universial radio ipod dock.
to do this i reccomend that you use your old computer speakers for the reason of saving money!
this project is actually a bit enviroment friendly because you will most likely be using parst that will otherwise most likly ended in the landfill.

Step 1: The Materials

The materials

Need to have this:
old pc speaker
apple radio remote for ipod
a case for this(I used an old icecream box)

audio jack and wire to use a psp or other mp3 player with this dock
ipod dock adapter (if you want your ipod to be able to stand)

a few screwdrivers to take apart the speakers
a cutting tool to cut holes in the case (may differ depending on what kind of a case you have)
a soldering iron and some solder (if you have to cut some cables like i had to)
a hot glue gun
and wirecutters

Skills needed:
know how to use a soldering iron without burning yourself (also usefull to know how to solder correctly)

Step 2: Prepairing the Speakers.

In this step you open up your speakers and take evrything out...
including the pcb(the bord with components inside one of the speakers)
note that there will most likly be "hidden" skrews behind the screen of the speaker.

the wire between the speakers will have to be shortend so that you don't end up with alot of unnessasery wire inside of your case.

you will most likely have to cut the left speaker wire to shorten it.

all you need from the speaker is the pcb and the speakers hemselves
and of course the adapter.

Step 3: The Case.

I can't really discribe well what you need to do in this part.

step 1. find a case
step 2. cut holes in the case for the speakes.
step 3. find a way to mount the pcb and drill/cut holes for the volumeknob where it will be posisioned.
step 4. position the ipod connector in the case and cut a hole for it
step 5. decoration of the case (recommend gluing a screen infront the speakers so they don't get damiged but DO NOT GLUE THE SCREEN ON THE CONE...(the screen is of no use if you glue it there)).

Step 4: Assembly

now put evrything togather
solder the left speaker to the pcb where it was connected to earlyer.
skrew the speakers into the case.
now mount the pcb.
and posission the ipod connector in the case and fasten evrything togather.

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