Introduction: Uniwheel Electric Hoverboard

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Today taking the ride of a hover board is very trendy and and having a ride of it is full of fun and enjoyment and it adds more fun and enjoy if it is made by thyself.As we know the hover board is so costly today and hard to find according to our need.So lets start by making our own hover board but we are going to make very different type of hover board that adds more fun to making and designing it..we are going to make a electric uni wheel hover board that is very different of its kind. the uni wheel hover board add more fun to ride it because of due to uni wheel at the center of hover board make you to make balance during riding which adds a little bit more fun in riding it and playing wit it with friends.I personally enjoy a lot by playing with it each evening with my friends . we make challenge who can ride it more longer without loosing it balance..

So lets start making our uni wheel hover board.


We need to first gather the following parts either from market or from junkyard.

  • Rectangular hollow pipe having metallic thickness 0.5 cm(For making the body frame )
  • 2 ball bearings having diameter 5cm(Diameter according to your shaft)
  • 2 12volt Lead acid battery (I have use one that used in small computer ups)
  • circular metallic rod 6cm dia (We machined the Rod to 5cm dia with lathe machine.If you don't have lathe then you can by rod of same dis directly from shop)
  • some nut bolts and screws
  • Electric motor 24volt with built in gear.
  • Wires and 1 switch
  • Thin metallic plate
  • Chain and sprocket

Tools and machines that we need.

  • Drilling machine (for making holes)
  • Lathe machine(optional for the shaft making. You can directly buy shaft from market.)
  • Welding machine (We have used Electric Arc welding machine)
  • power hack saw (For cutting the Rod)
  • Angle grinder (For cutting of metallic sheet)

Step 2: Making of Frame

First cut the rectangular Rod into following pieces

2 piece of length 100 cm

Now Weld the rods for making frame as in the shape of as illustrated in the pics and 3d diagram.

Then welt two other rectangular Rod in front for caster wheel as illustrated in 3d model.

Step 3: Attaching the Shaft and Wheel.

Now machine the rod with with the lathe machine to cm.

Then weld the outer ring of ball bearing as illustrated in pic and in 3d model. make the whole thing as illustrated in in pics and in 3d diagram.Then weld the wheels in rim in the middle of shaft as illustrated in pic and in 3d model.

Then insert the shaft in the inner ring of ball bearing make sure it gets totally fit into it.As you can see in pic the shaft fitted in the bearings do same as in pics.

Now make two holes in the rods that you weld for the caster wheel as in 3d model that embedded in it and then attach the caster wheel same as illustrated in 3d model You can see it by exploding the 3d model how the caster wheel is fitted. you can also see it in pic.You can play with the 3d model and modify it for making your own unique design of hover board.

Step 4: Joining the Metallic Sheet

Now measure the frame that need to cover from the top and cut the thin metallic sheet with angle grinder (wear glass and gloves before cutting it the burning sparkles might cause heart you so beware of it) and join it with by welding it on the metallic frame as you can see in the 3d model above and as in pic.

Step 5: Joining Sproket Chain and Motor

Now weld the sprocket to the shaft.Then drill the hole on the frame of hover board according to the holes provides on the motor for mounting it. As you can see tn 3d model above that I have done the holes on the frame for mounting the motor.make the Holes according to your motor shape and size for mounting it on hover board. Now add the chain to the motor to sprocket that you have welded to shaft as you can clearly see in pic how thew chain motor and sprocket is assembled in Hover board.

Then mount the battery beside the motor and fix it there and connect both 12v battery in series i.e + to -ve of other battery.

then connect the + wire of motor to + of battery then connect the -ve wire of battery to switch one terminal and + of motor with switch.

Step 6: Congrats Your Hoverboard Is Now Ready.

Now enjoy riding it, Be careful in first ride you need to learn to balance it then you can do limitless enjoy with it and while riding and playing with your friends.

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