Introduction: Unlock Carhartt's Secret IPhone Pocket

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Basking in the glow of my recent iPhone pocket instructable, I started working through my wardrobe, adding the keep-iPhone-vertical mod to my favourite jeans & pants.  Each one is slightly different and I have added a page to that instructable with the variations.

Imagine my surprise when examining my Carhartt dungarees, and finding that an iPhone pocket already existed but had been "crippled" by Carhartt into just a coin pocket.

I felt like the first guy who overclocked his CPU or the iPhoneIslam guys who have discovered how to turn a 3G iPad into a giant iPhone (which, by the way, will not fit in very many jeans pockets).

Anyway, this unlock is much easier than an overclock, you don't need to sew (or program), and it only takes a couple of minutes max.

Step 1: Find the Secret Stitches

On my dungarees, Carhartt has cleverly hidden the stitches by making them the exact colour as the rest of the pants.  However, if you look very closely, you can see them.  I managed to find some photos from Carhartt website and you can just make out the stitches as they cross other seams.

When you turn the dungarees inside-out, the coloured stitches are obvious against the white pocket fabric.  You can also see the potential size of the unlocked iPhone pocket.

Step 2: Carefully Cut the Crippling Stitches

Carefully cut the the double row of coloured stitches up to the side seam.  I used a seam ripper, but you could use some sharp scissors or a pointed knife.

If you haven't removed stitches before, just cut every 3rd loop and you should be able to tug them out.  Once you've removed all the stitches from the inside, the outside thread will only be attached at either end of the stitch.  Trim the ends, remove the thread, and you're done!

Step 3: Enjoy Your Hacked Carhartt Dungarees

Now you've got a new iPhone pocket and all of the roomy goodness of the original Carhartt pocket!

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