Unlock Door V1.0

Introduction: Unlock Door V1.0

The project is an unlock door with Arduino that is using an intercom and a servo motor.
The reason of this project is that I wanted to open the main and flat door without using the keys, because in the winter it's too cool and the lock doesn't work properly ( I am just lazy :P ).
Fortunately the door is equipped with an intercom where from my flat I can unlock the door by pressing a button.

Arduino uno R3
Ethernet Shield
Ethernet cable
Own android app

The project is using an Arduino to unlock the door, this is using a relay to make a bridge between two wires.
I made:

an Android app: you need to use this application to communicate to the Arduino with some web-services
a website: this is just a "proxy" and a security tunneling to send the right command to the Arduino, I am logging all the action that the users d.
I made a website because it was simply to make a kind of security and manager the user who could use it.

I opened the entryphone to understand how I can unlock the door, in my case was simple, I figured out that if I make a bridge between the GROUND and the UNLOCK WIRE I can unlock the door.

I extended the two wires outsite of the box to the relay and then I connected the relay to Arduino.

What I did it's a simple login screen and a second screen where I can check the status and send the command to unlock the doors.

I looked in Internet how I can create a webserver with Arduino and I made a simple script to filter the GET request.
I did a TimerTask every 1 hour to update the IP on the website, because I don't have a static IP and I need to update it manually.

I choose to use the HMAC as security between Android -> Web -> Arduino,  I found a library to use with Arduino ( click here ).

The logs will be use to have a feedback who used the application and if there is any intrusion from unknown people.

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    5 years ago

    Can you please help with my circuit? I'm taking power from the speaker output (1VAC), converting it to 0.7VDC with a full bridge rectifier, amplifying the voltage with a transistor, plugging into a 5V relay to activate the door strike release button. Trouble is, I've received advice from snobby geeks who only give me three minutes of their time which means partial information. I need complete, opinion-free information please.