Introduction: Unnamed Bacon Successor (Meat Mix?)

I like pepperonis on my pizza. I also love sometimes using bacon bits on my pepperoni pizza. And I also love beef jerky.

So... why not all three on a pizza?

After some experimentation, I found that mixing them all into a mix of sorts is a great new way to implement pepperonis, bacon and jerky into one really awesome recipe that totally ruined bacon bits for me.

And sorry for the crap shots. My camera sucks.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

The ingredients:

* 4oz jerky (I used Turkey Jerky)
* 3-4 oz bacon (I used some slices of turkey bacon I pre-cooked)
* some pepperonis (I used turkey pepperonis)

Oh, and a food processor. I used a Magic Bullet. At first, I used the cross blade for the pepperonis and the bacon, but after using the flat blade for the jerky, I think that one would've been better for next time.

Step 2: Magic Bullet FTW or Let's Get Choppin'

Basically, process the bacon.

If you're using bacon bits, you can also toss in the pepperonis.

If you're using cooked bacon, make sure it's super crispy (that's why I luv turkey bacon, cuz it gets crispy faster and doesn't shrink), or as I call it, "cooked to perfection".

If the latter, add pepperonis with the processed bacon. Then whip it like a dominatrix. Turkey bacon gets kinda powdery when overprocessed. Whatev.

Step 3: Now the Jerky

First, set the pepperoni/bacon mix aside.

Now, process the jerky. Again, use the flat blade (IDK if the flat blade will work better with the bacon and pepperoni) if using the Magic Bullet.

When fully processed (it should look like that Jerky Chew that Jack Links has out), mix in the bacon+pepperoni mix, fully incorporating all three ingredients in a delicious bacon bit alternative.


To demonstrate how great this is, I whipped up some scrambled eggs, though this recipe can also be used for omelets.


* 4 eggs
* splash of milk
* chili powder
* 1/2 tsp of chicken bouillon granules (I used 1tsp in this go around)
* (optional) shredded cheddar
* meat mix


1) Whisk eggs w/ splash of milk, chili powder and bouillon
2) Either add cheddar and meat mix now (what I did here) or wait. Whatev.
3) Cook to your idea of perfection.
4) If you want (and if you didn't use cheddar cheese), sandwich between two slices of toast with Cheez Whiz.