Introduction: Unplugged/Plugged Robotics Carpet

In this Instructables, we will learn how to design a carpet that we can use for unplugged or plugged robotics. Refer to the manual available at for further information about how to use it.

Step 1: Sizes

If you want to use it with plugged robotics let's take the robot, put it on a flat surface and code it to move one step forward, then measure with a ruler the length of the step. If you want to use it with unplugged robotics the grid size it's up to you.

Image only as an example, it is not correctly scaled (length for Bee Bot: 15 cm).

Step 2: Draw a Grid

Draw a grid where each cell has the size defined in the previous step.
You can draw it in a digital software, or with pencils on a paper sheet.

Step 3: Draw and Decorate Your Mat

Use your fantasy and paint you grid, creating an environment where your character can moves.

The AI attached file could be printed on a 90 cm sheet of paper and used with BeeBot or scaled to be used in other activities. The image file is not scaled to be used with a robot.

Step 4: (optional) Print the Mat

If you used a digital software print your creation.

Step 5: Use the Grid

Use the grid as an environment to give a context for coding a robot or unplugged activities.