Introduction: Unusual Custom Box/enclosure (Quick, Easy, Modular, Cheap)

The purpose of this Instructables is to show you how to make cheap, custom, modular box/enclosure.

I'm going to show you, how to do it with limited tools and budget.

This is my first Instructables (also English is not my first language), so please be gentle in comments. Please let me know what do you think about my idea and about my Instructables.

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Why do you want to read this?

- Sometimes you have limited tools and budget.
- Sometimes you want something cheap.
- Sometimes you want something temporary.

I found that unusual use of trunking (also is known as wall duct raceway or Wall Wire Duct) is the easiest, the cheapest and “the nicest” option.

How easy:
Easy like 1,2,3, 4(optional): cut, stick, glue, wrap (optional).

How cheap:
Trunking 38mm x 25mm x 2m suitable for small devices/boxes: about £5.

If you want to do box/enclosure about 7-15 cm length-above trunking is for about 15-20 boxes. So £5 /15 boxes = £0.33

Set of End caps £1. You don't need them always.

Total cost per enclosure/box is £1.33.

There are different trunkings – So, buy what you want and do unusual use

How nice your box/enclosure could be:
Well, it depends:
- of your cuts,
- do you want to “wrap” it?

What tools do you need:
-any saw (preferably miter saw) or Dremel tool or cutter,
- scissors (optional),
- cable ties (optional),
- transparent tape (optional),
- glue gun (optional),
- small screws (optional),
- vinyl (optional),
- printer, paper (adhesive – optional),
- something that you want to stick to the box.

What supplies do you need:
- trunking,
- end caps (optional).

Step 1: Cut Adequate Length of Trunking.

You have to remember that end caps have to go about 1cm inside (if needed).

Step 2: Stick Something

Mark places for additional cuts and holes and do the job.

Step 3: ​Put Something Inside.... and Put Your End Caps

Well done!! – enclosure/box device completed

Step 4: Make It Nicer.

1. Take dimensions
2. Create and print sticker on paper.

If you want that your box looks nicer, you can use vinyl or print on self-adhesive paper – but the purpose of this instructable is to show you nice and cheap box.

Step 5: Put Some Transparent Tape to Make It Stronger (and Bit Nicer) and Wrap It

To make your box/enclosure better you can use transparent tape.

Wrap it!

Step 6: You Can Wrap Like a Gift.

Step 7: It's Modular.

1. Cut the second module – I know it is not nice cut.
2. Glue/tape them together.
3. Stick something in to box and.... wrap it.

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