Introduction: Unusual Lamp Made of Kubotans

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It so happened that I have accumulated a lot of kubotans. Kubotan is a solid stick for striking the enemy for self-defense. In our country, the sale and carrying of kubotans of an acute form is not entirely illegal, but not encouraged. In this regard, the question arose of whether to make me an craft from them ;)

After much thought, designing in my mind, and building various pyramids of kubotans, I came up with the idea of making a lamp. The process of creating a lamp and the result I will describe in this instructable.

In case of errors in the text, please forgive me: English is not my native language :)



Light bulb holder

The wire


Wooden plank

Steel rod



Sander, sandpaper

Drill, drill



Wood varnish

Glue gun

Soldering iron

Heat shrink tubing

Step 1: Preparation

Gather all materials and tools.

Build a pyramid of kubotans based on the height of your light bulb holder with a light bulb.

A steel rod will pass through all the holes of the kubotans and enter the upper part of the wooden base.

Cut the steel rod to the height of the pyramid of kubotans + the height of the upper part of the base.

Mark the future base of the lamp on a piece of paper so that there is at least 1 cm of indent from the edge of the base from each hole for the rod. Cut the resulting pattern on a sheet.

Estimate the location of the switch on the base so that the switch does not intersect with the kubotans, also cut it out.

Step 2: Lamp Stand

Take a suitable wooden board or trim.

Cut two parts of the base according to the pattern.

Drill a hole for the switch on the top with a drill, a jigsaw and a file, as well as a hole for the wires / bulb holder.

Total on the top part of the stand will be a hole for the wires / bulb holder, a hole for the switch, a groove (slot) for the wire from the bulb holder to the switch.

On the bottom part of the stand there will be a groove from the bulb holder to the outer edge, the opposite edge with the switch. I made grooves with a drill and a file, for lack of another suitable tool.

Coat both parts of the lamp base with wood varnish.

Step 3: Electrics

At this stage, assemble the electrical part of the lamp.

- connect and fasten the bulb holder

- one wire from the lamp holder goes to the switch, the second wire to the plug. Accordingly, one wire from the wire with the plug goes also to the switch.

- solder the ends of the wire to the switch.

- insulate all open contacts with a heat-shrink tube or electrical tape.

- using an glue gun, fix the electrician in the required places.

- assemble the lamp base with screws. Screw the screws from below so that they are not visible.

Step 4: ​The Pyramid

You already have an assembled wooden base of the lamp with electric filling. Carefully plug it into a power outlet and check that the appliance is working. If everything works, continue on.

Place the base on the table. At the top lay 4 kubotans on it and mark the places for the holes into which the steel rods will enter.

Remove the kubotans from the base and drill holes for the rod of the desired diameter and depth in the thickness of the upper part of the base.

Insert all 4 rods into the holes and assemble the pyramid.

When the pyramid is assembled, adjust the height of the rods so that they do not protrude beyond the top of the kubotans.

Dismantle the pyramid.

Now, in turn, place the kubotans on the base in the correct order. At the same time, fix each in two places from below with a glue gun. I used transparent hot melt glue, but you can take the glue to match the color of the kubotans.

When the pyramid is assembled and glued, pour hot glue into the holes of the upper kubotans.

On top of the “well”, if desired, you can put two more kubotans. They do not need to be fixed in order to remain able to change the light bulb in the future.

Step 5: Done

The lamp from kubotans is ready. It looks amazing. Its function is more decorative, there is not enough light for reading. It is interesting that the lamp does not heat up at all, because the heat is effectively removed by aluminum cubes.

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