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Introduction: Unusual Silicone Stuff

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Here are some Unusual Uses with Silicone. The most common use for Silicone are for mold making, within the DYI community. I wanted to expand upon what is being done, I wanted to do something, unusual. I will let you decide how unusual these are.

For your viewing I submit:

Watertight Arm Band
Collapsible Cup
Thigh High Stockings
Bouncy Ball
(just for fun)

All of these items can be made with any food grade or Medical grade silicone. The Bouncy Ball can be made with regular 100% Silicone.

When working with Silicone, work in well ventilated area and cover hands and eyes with PPE.

Up first Watertight Arm Band

Step 1: Watertight Arm Band

A friend was talking about wearing a Constant Glucose Monitor and how much trouble it was taking a shower, never mind swimming, because he had to wear a water tight patch and tape it to his arm. With every shower more tape and plastic covering was used and thrown away. I asked him for more details and suggested a reusable Watertight Arm Band. He liked my idea and this is what I made.

Postscript: He let me know that by using this Watertight Arm Band, he is saving $10+ a month in less supplies. He is very satisfied.

100% Silicone (Food or Medical grade)
Masking Tape
Dish Soap (helps to keep Silicone from sticking to gloves)

1) Measure smallest diameter of the arm and choose how long.
2) Then cut from the hosiery leg.
3) Stretch hosiery over bottle or something close to the diameter of your arm, smaller diameter is better.
4) Cover the hosiery with tape then remove from bottle.
5) Turn taped hosiery inside out, slide band over the bottle with the taped side facing the bottle.
6) Cover the hosier with Silicone let cure, repeat with 2-3 thin layers.
7) Remove Watertight Arm Band when fully cured (about 24 hrs) and remove tape.
8) Place Watertight Arm Band over device and arm when bathing or swimming.

The Silicone will be on the outside when all is said and done.

Next Collapsible Cup

Step 2: Collaspible Cup

Here is a Silicone Collapsible Cup, I made this because I wanted to have one. It is easy to travel with because it takes up very little space. It can be rolled up and stored in a pocket. I don't have to worry about breaking it and it always returns to the original shape.

100% Silicone (Food or Medical grade)
Masking Tape
Dish Soap (helps to keep Silicone from sticking to gloves)

These instructions are similar to the Watertight Arm Band, in that you are creating your form with tape then turning it inside out. Then covering the pantyhose with Silicone. The main difference is the Silicone will be on the inside when all is said and done. Where as the Watertight Arm Band has the Silicone on the outside.

1) Cut foot off pantyhose.
2) Stretch hosiery over cup.
3) Cover the hosiery with tape.
4) Remove from cup and turn taped hosiery inside out and replace on cup (taped side facing in).
5) Cover the hosiery with thin layer of Silicone, let cure and repeat with 2-3 thin layers.
6) Remove Collapsible Cup when fully cured (about 24 hrs).
7) Remove tape and turn Silicone to the inside.
Enjoy your Collapsible Cup, add water, drink, fold or roll and store.

Next Thigh High Stockings

Step 3: Thigh High Stockings

Here is an alternative method to DIY Thigh High Stockings. I have not seen anyone who has made everyday light weight pantyhose into Thigh High Stockings.

100% Silicone (Food or Medical grade)
Masking Tape

1) Apply tape over pantyhose while on leg.
2) Remove pantyhose and cut above tape.
3) Turn inside out and tape below the measuring line. This tape line will give a straight Silicone border when removed.
4) Apply thin layer of Silicone on the measuring line, let cure (about 24 hrs).
5) Remove tape from Thigh High Stockings.
Wear Thigh High Stockings as needed.

Next Bouncy Ball

Step 4: Bouncy Ball

Here is something just for fun. When I made the prototype and showed the kids, they thought it was great, cool, awesome. They asked if they could play with it, I gave it to them. When I asked for it back they couldn't find it. Oh well. This is Version 2 and V3 which is colored, just for fun.

100% Silicone (does not need to be Food or Medical grade)
Dish Soap (helps to keep Silicone from sticking to gloves)
Plastic bag

1) Apply Silicone upon a material with little surface tension (I used a plastic Cheez It bag), enough for a small ball, let cure for 12-15 min.
2) Make circular rolling motion with gloved hands (either Silicone rolled on gloved hands or rolled on plastic material).
3) When round and firm let fully cure (about 24 hrs).
Amaze yours and your kid’s friends with your DIY Silicone Bouncy Ball

Next Observations & Summary

Step 5: Observations & Summary

Here are some unusual uses of Silicone for the DYI community. It was fun and educational. I hope you will benefit from this instrucatble.

I am satisfied with the results.

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