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Introduction: Unusual Use for Hot Glue Gun

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There are tons of different crafts, and if you need different supplies for each, crafting can be a very expensive hobby.

If you want to try a new craft but aren't ready to commit to buy new tools, today I'll teach you how with only 4 dollars you can start making these awesome rhinestone designs that are machine washable and apply them to fabric (clothes, purses, backpacks, cushions, canvas, shoes) and even wood, leather or paper.

It's such a fun activity, if you've done peeler beads it's similar.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Hot fix rhinestones. These are rhinestones with glue at the back that activates with heat. I bought these ( click here ), they are very affordable, good quality, and with free shipping!

A fabric, leather, wood or paper item.


A pencil or mechanical pencil


A hot glue gun (without a glue stick)

Step 2: Design

Draw a design on paper. Cut it out.

You can make this as simple or complicated as you like. I suggest that you start with something simple, like a silhouette or basic shape (heart, star...) And once you finish that one I´m sure you are going to like this craft a lot and you´ll now want to make someting more complicated.

Step 3: Apply the Rhinestones

Place your design where you want the rhinestones to be. With the pencil mark with dots the outline.

Now here comes the magic
. You can purchase a special tool to melt the glue that's on the rhinestones and permanently glue them to your item. They are about $25. But I found that a hot glue gun without a glue stick will work exactly the same.

Just be sure it's "high temperature" because there are "low temperature" glue guns and those won't work. Put a rhinestone in each dot, and with the tip of the gun hold the rhinestone from the top (the shiny side) until the glue melts. Repeat until you've completed all the outline.

Step 4:

I love that this craft is simple but with amazing results.

I bet that now you are thinking about lots of items that will use a little bling. It works perfect on clothing because the adhesive is hard enough to be machine washable.

But there are tons of other surfaces to add them: shoes, headbands, purses, boxes, cushions, cellphone accesories, belts, etc.

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