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Introduction: Unusual Uses for Mitten Clips

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I´m sure you have at least one pair of mitten clips. Right now they´re probably at the back of your closet with the rest of the winter stuff, but after you read this instructable you´ll use them all year round.

Step 1: Build a Long Lasting Fort

My kids love building forts, but they like to spend more time playing inside it than fixing the blankets that are always falling down.

Step 2: Make an Oversized Top or Dress Fit Better.

Skip the taylor, the best part is that it's reversible.

Just turn your top or dress inside out, attach the mitten clips at the back.

It´ll look like if it has darts. It´ll fit better and will look cute.

Step 3: Keep Your Fitted Bed Sheets on Place

It is very unconfortable if the sheets keep moving while you are sleeping. Most of the times after washing them a lot the fabric is perfect but the elastic at the corners is loose, this is the perfect quick and inexpensive fix.

Step 4: Don't Let the Kitchen Towel Fall Down.

It's always handy to have a kitchen towel near the stove, but I get mad if it falls down (I don't believe in the 5 seconds rule).

Step 5: Baby Pacifier Holder.

You can easily use a mitten clip to hold the pacifier. Or if you are feeling crafty you can use only the clips and sew them to a ribbon, this way you can have two pacifier clips with only one mitten clip.

Step 6: ​Transform Any Towel Into a Baby Bib.

If your baby is as messy as mine you'll never have enough bibs. Use your mitten clips even with paper towels, or plastic bags (for easier cleanup)

Step 7: ​Keep Your Jeans in Place When Wearing Boots

When your knees are baggy because of the boots, it's uncomfortable and it doesn't look nice. You´ll be surprised at how well this works (just look at the pictures) and you won´t even feel the mitten clips.

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    5 years ago

    these look really cool, Next time I make a fort I need to try the fort idea!


    5 years ago

    Great ideas!!