Introduction: Unusual Uses for Plastic Lids

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Consider the Plastic Lid. The top of snack, tennis balls, coffee, raisins, peanut butter, etc, containers. They are round, vary in size and they are versatile. It is because of its attributes that inspired this instructable. If you search instructables you can find a few uses for this often over looked but very adaptable device. In this instructable I will show you some Unusual Uses for the Plastic Lid.

Ode to Plastic Lid
Oh to this my eye doth see,
To seal and protect from spillage and disease.
From scant to vast does this hat cover,
I write this ode to a Plastic Lid user.

Sometimes a square thou mostly circular,
Some may think this only to close an aperture.
Uses for a lid are vast and without number,
Read onward to bask and to remember.

Flying Disk, Shuffle Board, Hockey puck or Spinner,
Mug Cover, Drip Saucer, Funnel or Coaster.
Whether of Fun or for Usefulness,
That is what this instructable will address.

Go forth now with haste,
Reuse so there is less waste.
Keep them in your office, home and car,
Then you will be viewed as a reclaimant star.

Step 1: Flying Disk

The safe indoor/outdoor Flying Disk. This Flying Disk is not likely to hurt as much or knock over
something as a full size Frisbee would do. That is why it is safe to throw it inside and outside.

Hold the Plastic Lid as you would any Frisbee and throw it like you would any Frisbee.

Step 2: Trivet

Protect a table surface from the heat of a hot dish or pan by using a Plastic Lid.

Place a Plastic Lid(s) under a hot dish or pan.

Step 3: Spinner

Here are a few spinning disk games:

1) See how long you can keep it spinning.

2) Try different size Spinners to determine which one spins the longest.

3) Try to stop the Spinner while in motion with one finger without it falling down.

4) Knock over the Spinner with a Flying Disk or rubber band.

Step 4: Mug Cover and Coaster

Place a Plastic Lid over a Mug as a Cover to help stack and to protect the Mugs from dust and other floating contaminants from settling inside.

Then the Cover can be used as a Coaster to protect the surface from heat and spillage.

Step 5: Shuffle Board

Create your own home Shuffle Board court on any hard smooth surface. This Shuffle Board game will strengthen "foot" eye coordination as well as balance.
Items Needed
Tape* (Painter's tape works best on linoleum)
8 Plastic lids - 4 of each color
8 "weights" - I used Nickles you could use Quarters, Washers or something else.
1) Make your first court as a large triangle with Tape,
2) Divide the court into 3 sections with Tape,
3) Divide the 2 largest sections into 4 sections by dividing them in half with Tape,
4) Repeat 1 - 3 about 3 - 5 feet from the tip of the triangle.
Shuffle Board Pucks
Tape a "weight" in the center of each puck. (sometimes the "weight" falls off if the puck is hit too hard)
Rules - 1 Player, 2 Players, 4 People as 2 Teams or 4 Individual Players
1) Each Player gives a firm push of the puck with their foot so that the puck slides and stops in the triangle at the other end of the court.
2) Opponents alternate turns. One person shoots then the other person until each person uses their 4 pucks.
3) Opponents alternate who shoots first. One person shoots first at one end and the other shoots first at the other end.
To Score the puck must be completely inside the boarder.
The tip of the Triangle is worth 5 Points.
The next sections (left and right) are worth 3 Points.
The last sections (left and right) are worth 2 Points.
Person or team with the most points.

* Masking tape is hard to remove from linoleum after a couple of days; Painter’s tape is easy to remove after a few days (manufacturer claims up to 14 days).

Step 6: Frost Scraper

Here is an impromptu Frost Scraper from a Plastic Lid. This scraper will work for light to medium frost. The lid can be placed with either side on the glass. Unlike traditional scrapers this Plastic Lid Scraper will scrape in any direction, traditional scrapers can only go forward and backward. The Plastic Lid Scraper can cover more area in less time because you do not have to stop and reposition the scraper. Every so often, though, you will need to remove the frost build up from under the lid.

How to Use
Place the Frost Scraper on the glass and
move the Frost Scraper around in any direction.
When the Frost Scraper is full, lift the scraper from the window and shake the frost off.

Step 7: Hopscotch

Create an indoor Hopscotch court on either carpet or hard floor. Hopscotch is a game of balance.
Items Needed:
Tape* (masking or Painter's)
1 Plastic Lid
1) Make a square with tape on the floor,
2) Make a square directly above the first square or make a rectangle wider then the first square then divide the rectangle in half.
3) Make a square above the previous square or rectangle.
4) Keep making squares or rectangles up to 10 blocks. (Although you do not have to have 10 blocks)
5) Place a number in each block.
Rules: 1 - 5 Hoppers
1) The first "Hopper" stands below the block with the number "1".
2) The "Hopper" "places" the puck in the block number "1".
3) The "Hopper" has to hop over the block with the puck and land in the next block. If there are 2 blocks side by side, you can land on both feet. If there is only 1 block you must land on 1 foot.
4) Continue hopping through the blocks until you reach the highest numbered block. Turn around and hop back, landing on 1 foot or both feet depending on whether a single block or double blocks. When you come back to the block with the puck, you pick up the puck and hop over that block.
5) When the Hopper finishes that number they place their puck on the next number and repeat hopping through the blocks. Taking care not to land in the block with the puck, outside of the court or on the wrong numbered block.
6) If you lose your balance your turn is over and have to redo that number when your turn comes around.
Tie one hand behind your back.
Play the whole game on 1 foot.
Play the game facing backwards.
Place 1 hand over 1 eye.
Make up your own rules.

* Masking tape is hard to remove from linoleum after a couple of days; instead use Painter’s tape. Masking tape is easy to remove from carpet unless you have shag carpet.

Step 8: Drip Saucer/Catcher

Place a Plastic Lid underneath,
Rid yourself of any disbelief.
Keep your stove and counter tops clean,
By adding a Drip Saucer/Catcher to your routine.
Liquids or seasonings are no worries,
Clean up will be done with ease.

Step 9: Table Hockey

Table Hockey is a variation of air hockey. Table Hockey is a game to strengthen hand and eye coordination. The object of the game is to keep the puck on the table.
Items Needed:
2 Strikers (larger Plastic Lids)
1 Puck (smaller Plastic Lid)
Table or Counter Top
Players take a Striker and stand at opposite ends of the "table".
A player takes the Puck, places it onto the table, then hits the puck with the Striker toward the other player.
The other player tries to hit the puck back to the opposing player.
If the puck falls off the table the opponent gains a point not the one who knocks the puck off.
The one with the most points.

Step 10: Funnel

I had a clogged tub drain and I could not find my plastic funnel. A Plastic Lid came to my rescue.

1) Snip the edge of the lid so there isn't a lip for the liquid to become hung up on.

2) Fold the Plastic Lid so that it will slide into the opening.

3) Pour the liquid onto the end sticking out.

Step 11: Observations & Summary

These Unusual Uses for Plastic Lids are just a small sampling of the wonderful uses waiting for you. Add the Plastic Lid to your tool box, glove box, kitchen drawer and be on the lookout for ways to use them.

The benefits of Plastic Lids are:
Inexpensive, readily available and easy to adapt for your use.

I am satisfied with the results.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..