Introduction: Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Battery

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Are you thinking what to do with 9v batteries when they run out of juice? Don't worry,In this Instructable, I will show you 4 ideas to reuse your 9v battery parts.

I never throw my used 9V battery from various projects.Last week I saw, there are plenty of 9V dead batteries on my storage box.So I thought to reuse it.Finally I made the following stuff for my upcoming camping.

1. Flash Light

2.Battery Clip

3.Mini Hand Fan

4. Li Ion Battery pack

Step 1: ​Parts and Tools :


1. 9V Battery ( Amazon )

2. 0.5W Straw Hat LED ( Amazon )

3. 100 Ohm resistor ( Amazon )

4.Tactile Switch ( Amazon )

5. DC Motor ( Amazon )

6. Mini fan Blade

7. Wires ( Amazon )

8. Li Ion Battery ( Amazon )

Tools :

1. Wire Cutter ( Amazon )

2. Needle Nose Plier ( Amazon )

3. Soldering Iron ( Amazon )

4. Glue Gun ( Amazon )

Step 2: Prying the 9V Battery

First identify the weak spot somewhere along the seams, and pry until the internal parts pops open.Slide the interior out and use a cutting plier to disconnect the batteries from the clip.

After opening the metal cover I found the following useful parts

1. Battery Clips

2. Battery Tabs

3. Metal Jacket

All of the above parts can be used for DIY projects.

In the following steps I will show you, how to make 4 useful things by using the above parts.

Safety Precaution :

Make sure that you, and especially your kids if they are doing it, are very careful cutting the jacket of the old battery. The chemicals inside are NOT user-friendly and can be nasty or toxic if spilled out.

Know more about 9V Battery

Step 3: 1. Flash Light

This flash light is really good for emergency or a camping light. It's compact and runs by most common and versatile 9 Volt battery. You can switch it on and off and its so small you can fit it any where.

Glue the LED :

First trim the LED legs and then glue it to the battery flat battery clips

Step 4: Add the Resisstor

Glue the 100R resistor to the side of the LED leg.

For more brightness you can use lesser value of resistor.

Calculate the resistor value by using this Online Calculator

Step 5: Add the Switch

Straighten all the 4 legs of the tactile switch.

Trim the diagonal legs by a cutter.

Glue the Switch as shown in picture.

Then bend one leg of the resistor toward the LED leg and trim the other leg.

Step 6: Prepare the Clips Terminal

Among the two terminal, one is projected type ( Negative terminal ) and other is flat (Positive terminal )

Flatten the projected parts by using a needle nose plier.

Step 7: Make the Circuit

Solder one leg of the resistor with the positive leg ( long leg ) of the LED and other leg with the switch.

Solder a metal wire to the clips terminal ( looks like Star ) and then to the Switch.I used the trimmed leg of resistor as a metal wire.

Step 8: Glue the Clips

After soldering, apply glue on both the surface and join them together.

Apply more glue, to insulate the conductive parts.

Now the Flash light is ready for test.

Carefully clip it on a fresh 9V battery and press the switch.

Step 9: 2. Battery Clip

You can make awesome 9V battery clip from the salvaged parts.Its pretty simple

Solder red and black wire to the the two terminal of the clips.Then apply glue to join them together.

Step 10: 3. Mini Hand Fan

You can also make a portable hand fan by using the salvaged parts.It is great for relaxing outside and cooling off.

Make the battery clips as described in the previous step.

Solder the clips terminal wire to the motor terminals.

Glue the motor on the bottom surface of the 9V battery.

Install the fan blade.

Step 11: Li Ion Battery Pack

The salvaged tabs can be used to make Li Ion Battery pack.

Remove the paper coating on the tabs.You can first wet it and then pilled up.

Apply glue on the battery surface and join them together.

Clean the terminal surfaces thoroughly then apply soldering flux on it.

Solder the tabs carefully.Your battery pack is ready.

You can parallel as much you need. I used to two just for the demonstration.

Safety Precaution :

Solder the tab carefully or you may use a Spot-Welder to do that.Excess heating of Li Ion Battery may leads to thermal runaway where it shorts inside, heats up, emits hazardous fumes, catches fire and potentially explodes.

Follow me for more DIY projects and ideas.

Thank you !!!

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