Unusual Uses of Ice Cube Tray

Introduction: Unusual Uses of Ice Cube Tray

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Well, we know that (every) house today has at least one refrigerator. Inside it must be at least one ice cube tray. Latest fridges have modern built-in ice cube tray. Here I am talking about the standard old fashion ice cube tray. Maybe I am not the only one doing this weird thing, maybe yes. This is what I do on Sundays.

Step 1: Prepare the Mug

My favorite 3M. It stands for Mickey Mouse Mug.

Step 2: Get Your Ice Cube Tray

Take out my ice cube tray from the fridge.

Step 3: Prepare the Juice

Today it is Lemonade. The old phrase "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I remember this phrase means that life is hard as lemon is sour. It is our tasks to cook it, to turn it into sweet lemonade drink.

  • Pour the lemonade.
  • Put the ice cubes in.
  • Place the ice cube tray upside down.
  • Plug my phone on it.
  • Play Youtube videos.

Enjoy the show ... with sour sweet Ice Lemonade. Here I turned the ice cube tray into a phone stand.

Step 4: Mini Popsicles

  • Make any flavor drink you like, or the kids like.
  • Pour it into the ice cube tray.
  • Put a toothpick into each cube or you can break a popsicle stick into two or three pieces and put them there.
  • Put the tray in the fridge.
  • Enjoy your Mini Popsicles the next day.

Step 5: Color Pallete

You can also use ice cube tray as water paint color pallete.

Step 6: Organizer

You can also use it as an organizer for small electronic parts. Not only electronic parts but any small parts such as beads or any decoration materials, sewing materials, rings, earrings, you know how to continue this don't you?

Step 7: Tell Me More ...

Well, now you tell me what can you make use of your ice cube trays in the comment section ;)

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