Introduction: Unusual Uses of a Drilling Machine

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Necessity is the mother of inventions...

When the need for something like a tool, spare part or an equipment, which is not readily available with us, becomes very essential we are forced to find ways of getting the work done by what is available with us.

In this instructable I have demonstrated how a variable speed Drilling Machine can be used in unusual ways like cutting weeds, digging a hole in the garden, beating eggs in the kitchen, scrapping coconut for cooking and drilling a large hole on a husked coconut to open it.

Please see the two videos above and also go through the following steps on how to put a variable speed Drilling Machine to unusual uses other than just drilling and driving screws. I have used a 550 watt 13 mm variable speed reversible hammer drill machine for these demonstrations.

Safety Precaution : Improper handling and operating a variable speed drilling machine without proper safety precautions is dangerous. So take care

Step 1: Drilling Machine As Weed Cutter

Items required

  • About one meter long 8 or 10 mm dia MS or Steel
  • A blade assembly. You can use a "S" shaped blade attachment from a old food processor or a spare blade from a weed cutting machine

How to make the weed cutter

  • Drill a 8 mm hole at the center of the "S" shaped blade attachment. If you are using a spare blade from a weed cutting machine, then it might have a hole already drilled at the center
  • Permanently fix the "S"shaped blade attachment with the steel rod as shown with Epoxy compound like M seal or Sugru
  • Allow 24 hours for the epoxy compound to cure.

You can use this attachment with the drilling machine to cut weeds. Please see the video in the introductory part on how to use this attachment to cut weeds

Step 2: Drilling Machine for Digging Holes

Items required

  • A Paint mixing assembly with wheel and connecting rod. This assembly is used for mixing and agitating paints. You can get various types from a hardware store. Buy one like this in the picture with the rod attachment. Please make sure that the diameter of the rod is 10 mm or less

How to use it

  • The rod assembly has threaded ends and a suitable nut is welded to the wheel assembly for fixing the rod.
  • Assemble the wheel with the rod and tighten the nut with a suitable spanner

Now you can a attach this assembly with the drilling machine and use it for digging holes in the garden or wherever you like. Please see the video in the introductory part on how to use this attachment for digging holes

Step 3: Drilling Machine As Egg Beater

What you need

  • An egg beater attachment. You can scrap it from an old blender machine or buy a spare from the shop.Please make sure that the diameter of the rod is 10 mm or less

How to use it

  • Attach the egg beater assembly to the Drilling Machine
  • Break 3 to 4 eggs or as required in a bowl
  • Now operate the drilling machine with the egg beater attachment and beat eggs to the required consistency. You can reverse the rotation also if necessary.

Please see the first video in the introductory part on how to use this attachment for beating eggs

Step 4: Drilling Machine to Cut Open a Coconut

Item Required

  • A large diameter (about 5 cm) wheel cutter attachment as shown in the picture. Make sure that the wheel cutter assembly can be attached to a pilot drill with diameter less than 10 mm

How to use it

  • Attach the wheel cutter with the pilot drill and then with the drilling machine
  • Clamp the coconut firmly on a vice or such equipment
  • Drill a pilot hole on top of the coconut
  • Once the pilot hole is drilled you can cut open the top of coconut with the wheel assembly as shown

You can remove the coconut meat from inside the shell through drilled hole. The empty coconut shell can be used for craft works as per your imagination

Step 5: Drilling Machine As Coconut Scrapper

Items Required

  • A very old hand operated coconut scrapper. Or you can buy an attachment from shops selling these kind of equipment
  • I found this old coconut scrapper in our home and thought of using the scrapper assembly with the drilling machine. The scrapper is attached to a frame assembly. Due to the bent in the scrapper to be used for rotating, it can not be taken out from the frame.So i have used a hacksaw to cut and remove the assembly from the frame.
  • The assembly is about 15 cm in length with 8 mm rod. So I can use it with the drilling machine. Since it is rusted I have cleaned it before using

How to use it

  • Break the coconut in half.
  • Attach one half of the coconut to a vice or any such arrangement to hold it firmly
  • Attach the recovered scrapper assembly with the drilling machine
  • Set the speed of the drilling machine to the minimum as possible and scrap out the coconut meat

Please see the second video in the introductory part of this instructable on how to operate the coconut scrapper attachment.

  • Take care while operating the coconut scrapper. Make sure the broken coconut is attached to a vice or any such equipment firmly before operating. Set the speed of drilling machine to bare minimum as possible. Do not use a drill without variable speed adjustment

Step 6: Conclusion

By manipulating various attachments with a drilling machine, we can use it for very unusual uses for which it is not meant for.

Here I have demonstrated that a variable speed reversible drilling machine can be used to cut weeds, dig a hole in the garden, beat eggs, Drill hole & open a coconut and scrap out the coconut meat. With your imagination you can put the drilling machine to many other uses as the situation demands.

However, safety is the first priority. Though it seems very easy in the videos, there are chances of injury if proper care is not taken. Stay safe and have fun.

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