Introduction: Unusual Villain's Lamp

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There is something missing in this weird and unusual contest and that is Electronics! So I have brought you an unusual use of your lamp to convert it into villain's lamp. Now, what is Villain's lamp. You can see those in the films of criminals and all that that the fighting scenes contains blinking lights in a factory or a godown of a villain. It looks thunderous. So we are gonna make it now. The project is extremely simple containing most basic arduino lesson and that is nothing but blinking!! Looks Unusual????? Then I nailed it!

I faced lots of problem in making this project because I have never tried connecting high voltages to ARDUINO.

The project contains work with high voltage. So if you are a beginner or having lack of confidence please don't try it alone without help of any experienced person.

Step 1: Problems I Suffered

In the experiment I tried entering 230v Live wire to 13th pin of arduino and it blew. Also my PC's hard disk was crashed. Bad Luck!!!!

Step 2: Materials Needed

1. Bulb

2. Bulb Socket

3. Arduino UNO R3

4. Breadboard Wires

5. Snap Wires

6. Probes

7. 9v Battery

8. Power Chord

9. Electrical Insulation Tape


1. Arduino IDE

Step 3: Understanding Concept

For understanding the concept behind this idea we would try to do it without Arduino with the help of 9v Battery! So first of all detect the live wire as I am very afraid to work with live wire and have fear to blow up my equipments.

Step 4: To the Bulb Holder

Connect the live wire to the bulb socket and another open till next step.

Step 5: Connect Probes

Connect Probes from the neutral wire and and another terminal of bulb socket.

Step 6: Connect to 9v Battery

Touch the probes to 9v Battery and the bulb will glow! You can examine if battery is getting hot.

Step 7: Breadboard Wires

Disconnect probes and connect the breadboard wires to make the terminals ready to connect it with Arduino UNO.

Step 8: Arduino Connections

Connect the probes to 13th pin and GND of arduino uno. Open the software and upload the code. Now, your unusual lamp is ready!!!

To get the code Openm Arduino UNO. From File>Examples>Basics>Blink and Upload.

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