Introduction: Up Cycled Bath Mat

Creating the Up-Cycled Bath Mat

This is a great way to up-cycle bath towels that are a bit dingy but not bad enough to throw away. The braiding of the towels cover up any stains and looks great.

Step 1: Cut 3 Inch Wide, Vertical Strips

Creating the Up-Cycled Bath Mat

Materials used: Sewing machine, 3 old bath towels same sized, Rotary cutter, self-healing mat or quilting, ruler mat, thread, needle, Ruler. Instructions:

Lay each bath towel on the quilter’s mat and cut 3” wide vertical strips removing the end pieces of the towel. Be sure to separate like pieces together creating 3 piles.

Step 2: Sewing the Ends Together

Sew the first pile of 3" vertical strips at the ends together creating one long piece. Continue with the 2nd and then 3rd pile. There should be a total of three, 3" wide and approximately 15 to 20 ft in length

Step 3: Sew a 1/4 Inch Seam Allowance

Since terry cloth will fray, hem 1/4" seam allowance along the sides. After edges are hemmed, fold the strip in half, lengthwise and sew together at 1/4 inch seam allowance creating a rope like piece. There should be 3 separate ropes when finished. Cut 1/4 inch at the end piece of each of the ropes. Open up the rope just enough so that it can be flat at the end. Sew the 3 ropes together at one end so that all 3 pieces are attached.

Step 4:

Braid the rope to the end and safety pin to hold all 3 pieces together. Once braided, starting at the top curve the rope around itself creating a circular shape making sure that the braided rope is flat. Hand sew the edges together along the way creating a circular mat. At the end tucked the end rope under the mat and sew it so that the end is hidden underneath.

*Please note that I originally found this on pinterest and added step 3 and slightly changed other instructions because of issues I encountered. 3rd year Design student at UC Davis/ Project for Sustainable DES 127B with professor Beth Ferguson