Introduction: Up & Zu Bottle Opener Modification

Recently I lost my treasured Mono Design UP & ZU bottle opener

(photo with the black background). I have found this opener to be fantastic at

opening crown caps in a way which does not damage the cap.

No bending of the cap, dimpling, or damage.

The Mono design group also points to an advantage of being able to

re-cap the bottle (pushing it back on with the heel of your palm).

This is a wonderful crown cap opener design which I am surprised

is not found copied everywhere. For the Breweriana collector (there

are such people) it is of value. Also if you are looking at making projects

using undamaged bottle caps for other projects this is a good way to

get them.

Step 1: First You Take a Bottle Opener

Using a flat bottle opener obtained a part of some brewery swag

or purchased. Mark out the modified opening with a quarter (Canadian

or American or even an overturned crown cap as long as the opening

is tight to the point just below the sealed crown cap around 25 to 27 mm).

I have been looking for years for a 27mm bicycle cone wrench which could

also work.

You want a keyhole shape once you mark it off you using files, drill bits,

or a Dremel. Remove the metal until you have something which look

like the pictures in the following step

Step 2: Determining When to Stop

This is about the point you want to start thinking about

calling it a day and trying it on a bottle.

It will at this point work as an opener, unfortunately

it tends to pop off but the top of the crown cap is not


Step 3: Using on a Bottle

The sides of the opening push down on the flange on the

bottle and pushed up on the bottom of the cap.

WARNING do not use on a twist off cap especially a

long neck bottle as sometimes they will pop the bottle

not the cap. Using the other end - the pry works well

The flat opener ends up being a little thinner than

the Mono UP & ZU opener, but it works well.

If I have a chance for an original UP & ZU opener

from Mono Design I will buy it. But this will do until