Introduction: Up-cycle Picture Frame Shelf

I built this for my wife. I love woodworking, up-cycling, and being creative. Enjoy.

Step 1: The Purpose

My wife loves essential oils and our medicine cabinet was getting crowded. She also loves pinterest and she sent me a picture of a picture frame shelf. I put on my crafty hat and my work shop apron and got to work.

Step 2: Materials and Tools


The picture frame
You will need a deep picture frame. One designed for a canvas painting would be best.
3/4" wood stock for shelves
My stock was less than 3/4 and came from an old wood doorway partition.
Wood stain
Sand paper
Wood sealer


Table saw or miter saw
You could use a hand saw if so inclined
Pin nailer
Tape measure
Paint/ stain brush

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Measure the gap on the inside of the frame. This is where the canvas would sit.
Cut down your stock to fit flush inside the gap.
Measure the length of the bottom gap and cut your stock to length.
Decide how much space you want for each shelf.
Take that length and cut spacers out for the two side gaps of the frame.
When you have your spacers cut, cut your shelves out.

Step 4: Dry Fit and Finish

Dry fit your pieces to insure the fit. Tweak as needed.
Now sand a finish you shelves and spacers with your desired stain.
My frame was a garage sale find, so it needed some sanding and staining too.
I save the clear coat until the end.

Step 5: Pin It

Pin them in to place with you pin nailer.
Start by pinning the bottom shelf.
Then pin in the first spacer.
Then add your next shelf and repeat.

Step 6: Clear Coat and Optional Backer

Once assembled spray with a semi-gloss clear coat over the project.
Avoid over spray and pooling of the finish.
After it is dry you can just hang it or put a back on it so you don't see the wall behind.
I cut mine out of an old TV cabinet backer. It had fake wood grain on it.

Step 7: Hang It and Enjoy

Hang it up and enjoy.
This is the first instructable I have done in a few years and I hope to get back into it.
This post was created after the project was assembled, I will attempt to be proactive in the future.
Any questions, don't hesitate to message or comment.
Thanks for visiting.

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