Introduction: Up-scaling Ordinary Shoes With Paint

My oldest is much more artistically inclined then myself. She had already made a pair of shoes like this before (see step 8) and was excited to make her first Instructable, and another pair of awesome shoes!

This Instructable will help you take a $10 pair of shoes and some paint, to make shoes similar to ones that sell for around $60 on Amazon - Percy Jackson Shoes The Battle of The Labyrinth and The Olympians Shoes The Lightning Thief Painted Shoes


1 - Pair of Shoes (cloth or canvas) - Easy USA Womens Lace Up Canvas Plimsol Sneakers Shoes

Acrylic Paints (including yellow, orange, white, and black) - Sargent Art 12 pack- Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set

Paint Brushes - preferably an acrylic set - 15 Piece Acrylic Artist Paint Brush Set

Step 1: Prep Work

First remove the laces from your shoes so you don't accidentally paint them. Prep your painting surface. Prep and mix your paints.

Step 2: Honeycomb the Toe on the Left Shoe

Start off by making the honeycomb on the toe. Using the hexagon design map out where you would like the top of the deign to fall on the shoe. Paint out the top of the design. If you are not great at free handing you can use a stencil similar to this one - Wrights Hexagon Template

Once you have the top of the design fill the area in with a soft yellow. Outline each individual honeycomb and alternate the coloring to add some texture to the honeycombs.

Step 3: Honeycomb the Laces Area on the Right Shoe

Again begin with a soft yellow and outline the honeycombs. For a little extra flair add honey dripping down from the laces honeycombs.

Step 4: Honeycomb the Side of the Right Shoe

Again start with a soft yellow base. After that dries again add honeycombs of different yellow and orange to provide contrast.

Step 5: Add Flowers and Bees

Start each flower off by painting the white pedals. Once that dries using a bright yellow to accent the center.

Next draw the bee

Start with the yellow body. Then add the black stripes and antenna. Finish the bee off with its wings - you will need to ensure the bee is fully dry before this step because you will be covering some of the body depending on how open you want the wings.

Step 6: Add the "bee Path"

Using a bright white start at one of the flowers and draw a "bee path" using evenly spaces dashes. Start at one of the flowers and bring it to the end of one shoe. Make sure you line up both of the shoes to make the "bee path" cross seamlessly between the shoes. Make the path fun with twists and turns to help fill some of the blank space still on the shoes.

Step 7: Finished Product

Lace up your new shoes and step back and enjoy the amazing shoes you just created!

Step 8: Another Design - Sunflower and Bee

Another design she made was the sunflower and bee design. This design is on more of a hi-top shoe similar to this - Girls Hi-Top Canvas Dance Sneaker

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