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Introduction: (Upcycle) Drooling-bibs

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I made drooling bibs, 6 of them. They're reversible to be able to match them to the little kids' outfit. One I made from an old pair of pants. I added the pattern in the second step, just print it in A4.

Step 1: Pattern Making

The pattern was just a guess, but it seems to have worked well. It fits around my little man's neck.

Step 2: Selecting Fabric.

Make sure you have two layers that match and that aren't too thick. Cut the pattern from them and stitch the two right sides on top of each other. Make sure you leave a hole big enough to turn the whole thing inside out. Now close the final hole, either with a sewing machine or with a manual stitch.

Step 3: Button Choice

Here you can see the fabrics that I chose. Deliberately a colorful fabric combined with a plain one, so I can make the best combinations with the different outfits. I also chose two similar buttons and stitched them on the bib. They have to fit through one and the same hole so make them really similar. Use Velcro if you are not happy with buttons, that can come loose if they are not fastened tightly.

Step 4: Cut and Sew

With this one I use the same pattern but I used some cut and sew in order to get a shape fitting. The rest is the same as the previous bibs.

Hope you like this as an inspiration. There are endless possibilities with this one!

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