Introduction: Upcycle Furniture - Israeli Vintage Office Drawer

About: My name is Omer, I'm an industrial designer and I love to create things. In my free time I work on all kinds of fun projects.

This project started when I found an old vintage office drawer Dumped next to the garbage can.

I decided to pick it up and turn it into something special.

For a long time, I wondered what to do with it and then suddenly I remembered a wooden vintage legs I had found a few months earlier.

I thought it might be an interesting combination, Metal & Wood furniture.

Hope you'll enjoy reading and find it helpful.

Step 1: Body Work

With a hammer In one hand and a thick iron block in In the other hand i aligned the iron in all the places that were crooked.

I disassemble all the pieces that can be separated.

then i sand all the rust with a orbit sander, and prepared the drawer for painting.

Step 2: Table Legs Sanding

The table legs weren't in perfect condition, at first I've sand everything with a orbit sander.

Step 3: Quick Connection for Evaluation.

I temporarily connect the legs All together with a clamps and two planks.

So I can see what the final result is going to be.


Step 4: Legs Structure Build

After I realized I was going in a good direction.

I started drawing all the measurements for the structure on a wooden surface, Checking myself all the time with the drawer dimensions and the legs measurements.

I cut all the wood I need, then I put them all in their place on the sketch, then locked them up (with screws into the surface) on both sides with small pieces of wood.

Step 5: Legs With Legs ?

In order to prevent the legs from falling while it is being glued, I've connect two small pieces of wood with a clamps on both sides of each leg - that would support the legs until the glue was dry.

I let the glue dry up in this position for 24 hours.

Step 6: Woodn Sticks for Strengthening

I was afraid the glue alone could not hold the weight so I decided to add wood sticks ,Two on every corner connection.

I drilled hole with an 8 mm wood drill as deep as I could, I filled the hole with glue and put in the wooden rod.

then I've cut the excess extra material.

Step 7: Refine Legs

Because the legs were probably out in the sun and in the rain cracks were created over time - so I've filled the cracks with glue.

It worked really well !!!

With an angle grinder I sand and smooth all the corners.

then I've smoothed everything with an orbit sander.

Step 8: Legs Finishes

After everything was smooth I've removed all the dust with air pressure, then I applied wood Oil with A piece of cloth.

I hammer a furniture Legs protector at the bottom of every leg.

Step 9: Handle & Tag Holder

I used 3M super fine sanding sponge to smooth and bring back the shine to those parts.

it worked really well !

Then I've pinned nails in cardboard and laid the parts and paint it all with clear coat spray.

Step 10: Painting (metal Parts)

First I've spray primer paint and then for final coat my wife chose a funky yellow color :)

Here in the picture you can see my folding paint tent.

in the near future I will publish the full construction project for that one, subscribe to my YouTube channel to see it !

Step 11: Assembly Time

I remove all masking tape and start put everything back together.

I bought a new lock and installed it.

Step 12: Wedding

I've drill four holes at the bottom of the drawer and four holes in the leg structure.

I bought a new screws and Nyloc nuts to connect the drawer to the legs.

A new piece was born !

Step 13: List of Tools & Materials


Orbit Sander
Angle grinder

Circular saw


Rubber hammer


Tape meter

8 mm drill

3M super fine sanding sponge

Protective glasses


Breathing mask

Ear protectors

spray gun


Wood glue

Wooden stick 8 mm


Wood oil

Primer paint for metal

Paint for metal

Clear coat spray


Furniture Legs protector


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