Introduction: DIY Stencil and Painted Pencil Pouch

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School is coming up and if your like me the only good part about school is getting all those new school supplies. If your on a tight budget this year or you just want to make your school supplies your own this decorated pencil pouch will help you!

Materials you will need:
- fabric pencil pouch
- fabric paint
- paper
- sponge paintbrush and detail brush
- permanent marker
- X-Acto knife
- pencil

Step 1: Making the Pattern

To make the pattern take a piece of copy paper and fold it in half. Draw half of your pattern at the folded part of your paper as seen in the first picture. I drew a baroque type pattern.
After you drew a half of your design take some graphite and really darken your shape then fold it back in half to where it's only white paper showing and rub something over your design so that the design transfers to the other side.
Then trace over the transferred side of the shape.

Step 2: Cutting Out Stencil

After you have your pattern drawn out trace all the parts your going to cut out in a different color or a black marker. Once your pattern is perfect copy it onto a piece of card stock and cut out with an X-Acto knife. Be careful with cutting it out and take your time.

Step 3: Sponging Your Pattern on Your Pencil Pouch

Now that your stencil is cut out place your stencil where you want your design to go. Take your fabric paint (I used acrylic paint mixed with the Martha Stewart tintable fabric medium) and sponge it on slowly in a dabbing motion over the stencil. It will probably go out of the stencil and that's okay.

Step 4: Clean Up

As I said on the last step it may get outside the stencil and the way I fixed that is with a permanent marker, and I made the color less patchy by going over the pattern again with a smaller paint brush. After you do those few touch up if you have to your done! I know we don't want to think about school right now but it is coming up, and I hope this DIY pencil pouch makes school a little more exciting.

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