Introduction: Upcycle a $3 Thrifted Flannel Shirt With Cold Shoulders

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Make a trendy, cold shoulder top on the cheap with a thrifted flannel shirt. I scored this like-new flannel shirt at the thrift store for only $3. I was inspired to add cold shoulder cutouts after seeing something similar at the mall. This easy refashioning project took less than one hour to make.

Step 1: Mark Cold Shoulder Cutouts

Mark the cold shoulder cutouts with a french curve.

Step 2: Cut Out Shoulder Holes

Detach the collar and cut out the cold shoulder holes.

Step 3: Sew Bias Binding to Shoulder Holes

To finish the shoulder holes, sew bias binding to the front, flip it around and sew it down from the back.

Step 4: Attach Collar

Reattach the collar and sew it closed

Step 5: Enjoy Your Shirt

Wear your shirt and get lots of compliments.

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