Introduction: Upcycle a Cassette Player (how to Break Up With Old Technology)

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There comes a time when our relationship with technology must end.
Look, I know you're a player. Everyone knows. I can't really be seen with you anymore unless you change.
I get those looks from people. Why-is-she-with-that-player grimace and Get-with-the-new-tech high brows.
I'm going to change you, for you. You might actually have a second chance. 

It's really not them, it's us, but we've been betrayed by 8 tracks and we're sensitive to a relationship with new technology right now.
Fret not. 
This project will show you how to turn that Cassette player into a brand new ... plastic, holding box... 
(Aye! but it's based on a real treasure chest!)

Step 1: You Have No Heart.

The first step is to get rid of everything on the inside. This particular player had 3 visible screws holding the circuit board down. There was one in the back that I didn't know was also holding it down. 
I removed all the buttons and knobs as well.

Step 2: Clean, Then Change.

Once you've rid of the insides, measure the base and walls.
One can glue fabric onto the walls and be completely done here.
I used some cardboard, covered in orange fabric and glued to the walls and edges.

*None of the above

Step 3: I've Moved On.

I left the player as it was. You are done. :) 
Now put your mp3 player next to your product, throw your head back and laugh.
Soon, it will have the same fate...