Introduction: Upcycle an Old Bag to a Leather Infused Pencil Case

I took an old side bag that my roommate throw away and Turn it Into a pencil case. it's a fairly simple project but the result looks amazing.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Here is what you need:

Fabric! its doesn't really matter what kind or type, but if you what to spare you some work you can do as I did and just use an old bag with a large pocket with a zipper. it's much easier than stitching the zipper yourself but it's an option if you what to.

leather pieces: for this project I used to small (~7cm diameter )circles.


wood burning tool - I use the wood burning tool to draw a pattern on the leather.


needle and thread.

Step 2: Cutting, Drawing and Stiching

first, you should cut a cardboard in a circle.

following the cardboard place the fabric against it to close a circle. you can use a small amount of glue to hold it in place,

cut the leather in a circle as well. it needs to be about a 1 cm wider than the cardboard.

if you can draw, just trace the leather with a pencil. but if you are not blessed with Michelangelo hands like me, print the template drawing and use a carbon paper to trace the drawing throw the paper onto the leather.

used the wood burning tool to follow your drawing on the leather.

once you are done with the leather stitch it to the fabric, make sure it's tight.

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