Upcycled DWC Bubble Bucket < $2

Introduction: Upcycled DWC Bubble Bucket < $2

A cornerstone of Hydroponics on the cheap.

4 x Water Bottles

1 x drill or knife

1 x Aquarium Air Pump

1 x AirStone

3 ft Acrylic/Silicone Tubing

Step 1: Make Holes!

This hole saw is the perfect size for a water bottle. (3/4"?)

This is great for plants you don't intend to move. But I hadn't planned on transplanting from an AeroGarden. So the roots were a little tough to squeeze into the tiny holes. I ended up just making another lid the exact same way with bigger holes.

**Don't forget a small hole for an Airstone! An extra hole to use to for water refilling is a good idea too!

PRO TIP: Run the hole saw in reverse to get a smoother hole. (See pics for difference)

Step 2: Make Planters!

I used the hole saw to modify the water bottle lid to make a retainer for the planter.

Then cut the bottom of the water bottle off. I left the bottle as tall as possible. This works well for using the old bottom as a lid to keep humidity up for cuttings or seeds. Some people paint the water bottles to make them opaque. I don't bother.

Step 3: Put It All Together and Plug It In

I noticed new and vigorous root growth after about a week on the root bound ones. Vigorous vegetative growth on those that already had decent roots. A lot of dead roots were cast off into the water. So keep it clean and grow monsters!

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