Introduction: How to Make Slate Coasters

This is a tutorial on how to create Slate Coasters. This can be created by using either re-using slate or new slate. I had made square and triangular coasters. This can be used for personal home used or great as a gift.


  • Re-used Slate or new Slate
  • Drawer and Door Closure (Optional)
  • PVA glue


  • Claw hammer
  • Ruler (preferably metal)
  • A object to engrave a line into the Slate
  • Chisel
  • Tooth brush or cloth

Step 1: Preparing

1. Mark out the measurements for the coasters with the ruler and the tool you are using to engrave. Mark out approximately 3-5cm away from the actual edge of the slate.

2. After marking out the coasters use a chisel to break the slate in sections but break 2-5cm away from the line that you have marked out. So that is looks like the picture above.

Step 2: Shaping the Slate

4. After getting the slate into pieces. Use the claw on the hammer to break the slate at the template marked out. Test on off-cuts first.

Step 3: Cleaning (and Applying Feet - Optional)

5. Clean the slate with a tooth brush to get into the ridges of the slate or clean with cloth with water also can add a cleaning agent if wanted.


6. Set the coasters out upside down so that you'll be able to apply the feet onto the coasters that that they wont scratch or mark any furniture. I had applied PVA to the feet to ensure they would be set into place. Place the feet separately apart as show in the image above.

7. Wait to dry and set the coasters or wrap them up to finish.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this tutorial. If any questions, feel free to comment down below.

Sorry for the inconvenience about the removal of the tutorial for the Up-cycled Collapsible pallet coffee table but I had been advised to remove it but couldn't so I had to replace it.

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