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Introduction: Upcycled Denim Purse

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This is a tutorial for an Upcycled Denim Purse using various parts from one pair of jeans, a small amount of lining, some creative embroidery and 4 sets of nuts and bolts.  Flower Power Purse

Step 1: Step 1:

Find a pair of jeans that you'd like to upcycle.  Lay out the pants legs one on top of the other.

Step 2: Step 2:

Mark the pants where you want to cut them.  I marked the purse portion 8 1/2" and the bottom portion 2 1/2".  Cut section on lines.

Step 3: Step 3:

Open the seam of one side of each pants leg piece and press flat.  I know it's a little tedious to take out the stitches, but I want to be able to re-sew the seam in the same spot to keep the distressed look that jeans seams get after they are washed and worn.  *Please Note: I ended up cutting the bottom straight but didn't get a pic of it.

Step 4: Step 4:

Add fusible interfacing to a piece of lining fabric large enough to cut 2 pieces for the inside of the bag.  Next lay out the fused lining with the pants sections on top using them as a template and cut.  *Please Note:  I ended up cutting the bottom straight but didn't get a pic of it.

Step 5: Step 5:

Sew the side seams of the denim and the lining pieces and then both bottom seams.   Now comes the MAGIC!  Fold the side seam to match the bottom seam to make a point.  Now sew across the point.  By doing so, a "bottom" is created.   Notice the ruler is lined up with the seam in the center at 1 1/2" with the left end of the ruler touching the folded purse and the right side of the ruler touching the other fold at 3".  Mark and then stitch across this line

Step 6: Step 6:

After stitching across the "triangles" on both the lining and the denim, line up the bottom seams and sew both triangles together.  This will create the bottom of your purse.

Step 7: Step 7:

Pin the lining to your denim at the top of the bag and stitch it together. Your purse should be in 1 piece now ready to add the waistband to the top of the bag.

Step 8: Step 8:

To create the top of the bag, remove the waistband from your pair of jeans.  I chose to take off all the belt loops.  The nice thing about using a waistband for finishing off the top of the bag is that it's like a large binding.  I sewed it on in two stages by treating just as I would a binding.  Sew it on the inside fold line of the waistband then fold the band over to the front of the bag and top stitch.

Step 9: Step 9:

I used the hem pieces I cut off the bottom to make the handles.  I took one seam apart on each piece to open it flat, folded over the raw edge and top stitched.  Simple distressed looking handles

Step 10: Step 10:

I recently reviewed the Flower Stitching Foot and think it's an Amazing way to add embroidery, so I used it to make the centers of the fabric flowers to embellish the top of my purse! !!  Cut 3 layers of denim all on different grains lines.  It's more interesting after they're laundered and "bloom" if they're all fraying differently.  Layer them together and then using the Flower Foot make an embroidery on each set of 3.

Step 11: Step 11:

Using the template that was 3 1/4" across mark the flower template in the center of each embroidery then cut out.  Toss them in the washer with towels and let them go through a cycle.  Remove them and put them in a lingerie bag and toss them is the dryer.

Step 12: Last Creative Step:

Last Step!!  Finally......Time to try a creative way to attach the handles and flowers to the purse.  Cut small holes in the center of each flower.  Cut small holes in the top of the purse where you would like your handles to attach.   Cut small holes in the ends of each handle.
Using a washer, bolt and a nut head attach the handles to the purse with a flower in the center of each.

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