Introduction: Upcycled Egg Carton Rose Brooch

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I love using egg cartons in my crafts because when they are painted, they turn into this beautiful thick canvas-like material. Here, I've used four "cups" from an empty egg container (the recycled paper kind, not the plastic or Styrofoam kind), paint, and an old annoyingly off-centered-image Depeche Mode pin to make a wearable rose.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

  • 1 egg carton
  • scissors
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • glue
  • button pin
  • hot glue gun with glue

Step 2: Cut Out Your Cups

Cut out a square of four egg compartments. Cut into four cups, trimming off all the high edges and sections that hold them together.

Step 3: Form the Petals

Make 6 cuts into one of the cups, right up to the circular section in the middle, to make 6 petals. Your second cup should have 5 petals, and the last two cups should have four petals. Trim the edges of the pedals so they are rounded.

Step 4: Paint

Paint all sides and edges. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Glue the Petals

Apply glue to the middle and the base of 2 of the side petals on the 6-petal piece. Bring the 2 petals up and make them hug each other. Hold firmly until it stays in the position by itself. Add glue to the other petal bases and bring up in the same manner, hugging them onto the center piece. Now you have the center of the rose that you will glue into the next piece. Add glue to the center of the 5-petal piece. Firmly affix the rose piece you just made onto it. Glue the next petals up, slightly staggering the petals. Glue into the 4-petal piece, using the same technique, then again with the last 4-petal piece.

Step 6: Add the Pin

Hot glue the finished rose onto the face of the button pin.

Step 7: Wear It Proudly

Pin it on! Ahhh, how I love pretty trash.