Upcycled Fence Post Filament Light




Introduction: Upcycled Fence Post Filament Light

My mother had stacks of recycled picket fence posts that she wasn't using, so I decided to make a quirky light fixture to use for an outdoor setting and looks great in any backyard - hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Step 1) Design + Parts

Make up your design:

The Parts involved in mine with the diagram included is:

10mm braided rope

2x reclaimed fence posts

a filament globe

a cord and connector

and a small piece of flat bar

Step 2: Step 1) Cutting Fence Posts

Cut 150mm from the 'head' of one fence post and 100mm on the other from the 'head'

On the 100mm piece cut the head off completely leaving the angled edges on

On this same piece cut of an edge at a 45 degree angle

Then drill a one inch hole in each of the pieces - ( on the piece with the head included cut the hole high enough that the second piece can be mounted on still)

Step 3: Step 2) Mounting and Threading

Using screws mount piece (A) to (B) with (B)'s joining point being the angled area @ the 45 degree angle

Next join connector to cord and connector to filament globe

Once threaded, push cord through the two holes and out to the back

Then using the 10mm rope tape to rear end of cord and slowly and tightly wrap around cord pushing through the holes aswell

Finally finish off by bending a small piece of flat bar and chiseling out a triangle shape for a hook to hold - and mount this piece onto the back of part (A)

Step 4: Final Touches

The wood that I used was lacking in colour so to add to texture and emphasise the age of the light fixture I lightly sprayed painted a jarrah colour giving the piece a more aged look

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading :)

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    4 years ago

    really cool. one change i would make would be to carve a channel for the cord to travel in so that the fixture sits flush against the wall instead of sticking out at the bottom.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks I'll try that