Introduction: Upcycled Industrial Shelf, Easy

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This is a copper pipe and pallet wood shelf.

Super easy with minimum tools.

I'm Going to do a small basic shelf for my paint and you can add from there

First off go grab you a good looking pallet. You can buy them on craigslist or other online ads, you can buy them for small businesses, or go dumpster diving.

The copper piping I got from my local junkyard. I went out and collected parts for various things for awhile.

The only parts I had to buy in store is the Flanges, and the copper cap.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Parts

Here is what I used:

2 1/2" flanges

2 copper 1/2" adapters

1/2" copper pipe

2 1/2" copper T connectors

1 1/2" copper cap

Various other copper pieces for looks

1 Pallet

Tools I used:

Reciprocating Saw


Tape measure

Sand paper

Preparing Copper: (optional)

If you have some really aged copper, or you just want to brighten it up, polish with some lemon juice

Step 2: Pallet Part

Take you pallet that you have chosen.

Take the saw you have chosen to use, I used a reciprocating saw.

Go to the last section of the pallet and cut the direction or the shelf you want.

Now add one of the other planks from the pallet to the bottom for the shelf.

I haven't stained or painted it yet, but you can.

It will give it an awesome look!

Step 3: Lets Measure and Cut

Now you want to measure the part of the pallet you cut, I had 42"

Measure the wall and draw a line where you want it, I went 2' off the floor

I measure 12" from both sides to put the Flanges on.

Try to find you studs behind where you drill so to have a strong shelf.

You can go ahead and put in the adapters, I left I little bit of thread showing for looks.

Forgive my wall, I need to paint it lol

Step 4: Cut You Copper Pipes

Cut you copper pies to the length you need.

The flanges came to 1/2" off the wall and the pallet bottom was 4 1/2" front to back

so I cut 2 3 1/4" pieces and added them to the 2 1/2" adapters

Then I gave a little tap with a hammer to seat them

Sit your shelf on it, or cut some holes and run it through the shelf.

For the front Pieces I measured and cut 2 4" Pieces of the 1/2" pipe

The Great thing about this project, is you don't have to be exact.

Feel free to go rouge with the copper piping and make it as abstract as you like.

Step 5: Finish Up

Now to hold it together, you can use Goop, or you can use a torch.

A torch is gonna give the black look around the fittings so it's really up to your taste.

Now I have a nice little shelf to hold my paints, and my wife is happy my paint bottles aren't everywhere anymore :)

Here is some pics as well to inspire you!

Thanks and If you liked my instructable, please leave your comments!

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