Introduction: Upcycled Jewelry Display

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As a grown-ass lady I'm always looking for ways to simplify and organize my existence. Easier said than done with most important things; however, organizing jewelry seemed like it should be manageable. I researched various ideas online and ended up blending a couple different ideas to work with my personal jewelry collection (no bracelets or rings for whatever reason) and the raw materials I already had to work with (old mirrors). This is a super customizable idea!

teacup hooks
spray paint
metal mesh
foam core
spray adhesive
staple/staple gun
push pins

Step 1: Mirror, Mirror

Firstly, you'll want to collect your raw material. I opted to use mirrors because a) I had some and b) I thought it would be an interesting eclectic look. Both of these mirrors were given to me via someone else's house purge so I felt okay mutilating them.

I cleaned them off and removed the mirror part (carefully). Depending on your mirror there will be different ways to dismantle it safely. These two were a combination of hot glue, staples, and screws. I worked slowly and managed to steer clear of seven years bad luck. The square mirror was discarded but I saved the oval one because it comes into play later.

Step 2: Teacup Hooks

My oval mirror was destined to hold necklaces so I needed to add teacup hooks around the edge. I predrilled holes corresponding to the girth of the three different sizes of hooks I purchased. I had no idea how many to buy initially and ended up using them all. When in doubt, add more hooks! Because of the design of my mirror I placed the hooks at the center of the spirals.

Step 3: Spray Paint

Spray painting is a great skill to have in one's arsenal. I opted for metallic silver and did a light sanding around the mirrors before spraying them in a well ventilated spray booth. After a couple coats on each side I was set to jet!

Step 4: Fabric "Upholstery"

This is the part where that oval mirror comes into play. I used it to trace a corresponding oval shape out of foam core and cork. I laminated the foam core and cork together with spray adhesive, which was a modification of other versions that called for cardboard. I wanted to make my fabric covered bulletin board area thick enough to simulate the thickness of the original mirror so everything fit snugly together. Also, I wanted there to be enough depth so the pins/earrings wouldn't puncture the wall accidentally.

I cut out a piece of fabric with about ten extra inches both horizontally and vertically. Since my fabric had a print, I wanted to make sure it was level so I made guidelines on the foam core side (the back). After spraying the cork side I set it down on the back of the fabric and lined up the guidelines to be square. The act of pulling on the fabric gives you leeway to make any necessary adjustments. I started on the short cross section by pulling evenly and securing the fabric with an open stapler. I thought that a staple gun would be overkill, not to mention pierce through both layers of foam and cork. I made my way around the oval switching sides to keep everything as even as possible and securing the fabric with staples. I then trimmed the fabric and reassembled the mirror. The additional girth of the fabric turned out to be negligible.

Step 5: More Staples

Now it's time for the big [staple] gun(s). I used screen door mesh and also it seemed flimsy, ended up holding the earrings with no problem whatsoever.

To stretch the mesh into the back of the square frame I cut a piece with about four extra inches in both directions. Since the mesh was rather stretchable I started by stapling a row along one edge. Then I stapled in the middle of the opposite side and continued to stretch the screen evenly (similar to stretching a canvas) by stapling the middle of the other two sides and working my way to the corners. Lastly, I trimmed the excess mesh.

Step 6: Add Your Jewelry

Now throw all that jewelry up on your brand spanking new displays!