Upcycled Pallet Steampunk Sofa Table



Introduction: Upcycled Pallet Steampunk Sofa Table

I like recycling and this was a project I have been wanting to do for a while.

Step 1: Pallets I Had Lying Around.

I had these lying around and wanted to recycle them instead of throwing them out.

I also had some galvanized pipes lying around, I had to purchase some to even them out, but overall this was really inexpensive to make.

You do have to be careful taking apart pallets, and with power tools. They are not toys and I don't want to be responsible for lots digits. Also some pallets are coated so wear proper safety equipment.

Step 2: Preparation and Cutting

This is the careful part.

Measure twice, cut once.

I decided to make this 18" by 60". I cut the frame first, then measured in and cut the plywood. I made it 2" shorter so I could add the apron. After it was cut I did a dry test, made sure everything fit how it was supposed to.

Step 3:

I then marked and cut some biscuits for the apron. I didn't want any nail/screw holes showing.

I then glued and clamped the frame, screwed the plywood to it, and glued and clamped the apron.

Whilst that was drying I assembled the legs. I wanted a height around 30" so the legs are 29" long. I did have a few pieces from a previous job, but had to purchase a few to balance it out. Then I started assembling it.

Step 4:

With the frame and legs attached, I flipped it over and started cutting pieces for the top. I didn't have a specific plan with how I wanted to look so I just started cutting and fitting and I think it worked out.

Once assembled, I stained the pieces with danish oil and when dry, finished it off with

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