Introduction: Upcycled Pine Cone Wreath

My oldest daughter wanted her own wreath after seeing the one her little sister made. This is an easy older kid project and alot of fun. This wreath doesn't take alot of materials to make and all of it was upcycled from things we had here in the house or on the farm. The only cost was the glue sticks.

Step 1: Items Needed

Lots of Pine cones
glue gun & glue sticks
small scrap of ribbon
large & small circular item for wreath template ( we used a frying pan and a kids plate)
pen or pencil

Step 2: Getting Started

This cardboard was saved from a previous wreath project. I had used it to protect my table when my youngest daughter used glue and coloured sugar to paint her pine cones for her Christmas wreath.

Step 1
* Collect alot of pine cones
* Trace a large circle onto the cardboard, then trace a small circle inside of the big one. This will give you your wreath template
* Cut out large circle
* Poke a whole in the center of the smaller circle and cut out

Step 2
* Heat up glue gun

Step 3: Arrange & Glue

Step 3
* Arrange pine cones, making sure that your covering all of you carboard surface. You can paint the cardboard first if you'd like
* Using the glue gun, place a small amount of glue to a pine cone & stitck it down on your cardboard
* Hold down for a few seconds to make sure it sticks
* Continue around the cardboard template until it is completely covered
* Continue more rows, until you are satisfied

Since my daughter didn't want to touch the glue gun, she handed me each pine cone and I put the hot glue on

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Step 4
* Flip over your wreath after you've allowed it to set for awhile
* Select Ribbon and glue or Duct Tape to the cardboard

Hang and Admire your beautiful Christmas Wreath.  Making your own wreath with found or repurposed items is great for the environment, your pocket and is a fun way to spend time with your family. Isn't that what the holidays are about. Plus, I always feel great making something with my own two hands... Check out my other Repurposed/Upcycled Christmas Wreaths on Instructables

Happy Holidays Everyone

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