Introduction: Upcycled Pizza Box Headstone

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Pizza and Halloween- two of my favorite things... so, lets see what we will get when both come together.
BTW. I did this with my 5 year old kid and we had lots of fun


2 pizza boxes
Masking tape
Glue and some extra cardboard
Acrylic paint in black, white and red

Step 1: Have Some Pizza Then Have Fun

It takes two pizza boxes per tombstone. Bring them together at a one side.
Fix it with tape.

Step 2: Carving the Shape

Up next, draw the shape of your headstone on the boxes.
Anything round or crosses will do well.
Cut the lid and the bottom of the boxes.
Do not cut off the sides.
Next, use tape to fix the sides to the new shape.
Then apply some ornaments like patterns, skulls, letters. Either add some made from extra cardboard or cut out from the box.
Another option is ‚printing‘ lines with a glue gun.

You are almost done!

Step 3: Paint It Black

Up next comes paint.
I applied black and white with an old kitchen sponge, trying to fake the surface of a weathered stone. Simply dip it into the paint and keep poking :)
Let it dry

Step 4: Its All in the Details

If you feel like it, add things like cobwebs, blood stains or dye some cotton balls in green to make some moss.
I went for the obvious pentagram and some hand prints in blood red paint.

Well. You are done!

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